Channel Sees Opportunity In Google's Security Data Tool

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David Hoff, co-founder and CTO of Cloud Sherpas, a cloud services brokerage based in Boston, said he doesn't see solution providers using Google's security data as specific input and that the amount of "actionable information" they'll be able to glean from the reports will be limited.

"Because the data is so abstracted, it's not giving specific information," Hoff said. "It's like having an element of the weather forecast, like the humidity for the day. Does that change your advertising campaign or direction? It definitely has the potential, [but] I don't know if it's going to."

While Hoff described Google's data as more "anecdotal support" and that he wouldn't look to it to identify finite pieces of information, he did say that it might be useful for identifying "macro-trends."

According to the data in Google's new Safe Browsing section of its report, the company sent out over 63 million warnings to users about websites "identified as unsafe" last July -- which dipped down to a low of 8.6 million in March 2013, before skyrocketing again to over 88 million in mid-June.

"In the last month or so there have been some pretty massive attacks," Hoff said. "When you look at the graph and you see the massive spike in June; that's a significant thing that a.) organizations should be aware of and b.) investing in tools to prevent."


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