Arbor Networks Acquires Australian Startup For Data Analytics

The firm said it is acquiring privately held Packetloop, a Sydney-based firm, as part of an expansion of its operations. Packetloop sells an on-premise and cloud-based network packet analysis platform. Burlington, Mass.-based Arbor said it would integrate the on-premise capabilities with its enterprise platform.

"With Packetloop, Arbor is in a unique an enviable position to deliver a network-based, full-spectrum security visibility, detection, mitigation and analytics platform that can scale to terabytes and petabytes of both realtime and retrospective security data," said Kris Lamb, vice president of engineering at Arbor, in a blog post about the acquisition. "Packetloop has a set of technologies that address some very difficult security problems that have been, and are continuing to keep customers up at night. They’ve developed a powerful decision-making platform that brings context to massive amounts of data that can paralyze security teams."

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Security startup Packetloop analyzes network packets to find malicious activity or anomalous network behavior. The goal is to identify any potential data-stealing activity from internal or external sources. The firm focused on protecting network connections between on-premise corporate networks to any cloud implementation, and any combination of both.

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The technology can scale to terabytes of data, a feat that is ideal for large enterprise customers like ISPs and telecommunications providers, Arbor said. It also can aid incident responders, acting as a DVR of network activity with visualizations of traffic data.

In the Packetloop blog, company co-founder and CEO Scott Crane said the company's technology would integrate nicely with Arbor's Peakflow network visibility and Pravail application availability, and internal threat detection engine. Crane said the company has a strong big data security analytics platform, which will be backed by a global sales and consulting practice.

"We look forward to the months ahead where we will integrate Packetloop with the Arbor product suite, and bring to the industry an even more revolutionary suite of security analytics tools that will change the way the people think about Advanced Threat Mitigation," Crane wrote.

DDoS attacks are strengthening, according to security experts, who point to a continued rise in speed and volume of attacks. Security analyst firms say application-based DDoS attacks will increase in 2013 and point to a spate of high-profile attacks aimed at the banking industry and other businesses by hacktivist groups attempting to disrupt network operations.