McAfee President On Competition And Changing Perceptions

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Businesses are generally interested in McAfee, but many people believe that the company only sells traditional signature-based technologies, said Matthew Gyde, group general manager of security solutions at global systems integration giant Dimension Data, a McAfee partner. The company is in position to be a strong leader at the endpoint and in the data center, Gyde said.

"McAfee needs to do more branding and marketing saying they are not just an antivirus vendor anymore," Gyde told CRN. "That's still the perception a lot of times, but when clients get their hands on the technology they really like it, they're comfortable with it and love the management platform that brings it together."

McAfee is still recruiting solution providers that want to sell its portfolio of technologies, DeCesare said, adding that most companies would rather standardize on a platform that can provide a broad set of strong capabilities.

DeCesare also said "there's a lot of simplification efforts going on within the organization" as it still seems that McAfee is "clunky" to do business with for partners.

"We are looking for more of our business being done with partners that want to go all in," he said. "I haven't met a single partner yet that is not generally pleased with where their business is going."

McAfee could do a better job executing on Intel's hardware-based security strategy, said DeCesare. The company currently uses Intel's chipset in its encryption product is investing in developing security products that are embedded into the Intel CPU, he said. Rootkits and other threats can get under the operating system to bypass most current security technologies.

"There's a strong belief that the marriage of the CPU itself and security products provides a better level of security," DeCesare said.


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