Cell Phone Trojan Hits Nokia Devices Running Symbian

The Mosquit Trojan, which has appeared on several Web sites and peer-to-peer networks, purports to be a cracked version of the Mosquitos game, and comes packed in a file named ""Mosquitos Cracked by Soddom V2.0.sis" according to analysis done by Sophos.

When the Trojan is launched, it tries to send text messages to premium-rate numbers, possibly racking up big charges on the user's bill.

Sophos' Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant for the security firm, said that there's no need to overreact.

"Obviously the discovery of a Trojan horse that can send expensive SMS text messages is going to generate interest, but it's important to remember that the biggest virus problem remains on conventional desktop Windows PCs," he said.

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Mosquit only attacks Nokia 60 Series devices running Symbian, and installs only if the user ignores a number of messages warning about the dangers of adding unsigned applications to a phone.

This story courtesy of TechWeb