Microsoft Offers Second Method To Block XP SP2 Updates

The Redmond, Wash.-based developer posted a copy-and-paste script to its TechNet Web site that lets administrators block or unblock specific PCs from receiving SP2 via Windows Automatic Update or the Windows Update Web site.

The script, said Microsoft, used uses the StdRegProv class of the Windows Management Instrumentation Registry provider to enable or disable access to SP2 via either of those update mechanisms.

To use the script, administrators must create a comma-delimited file that lists each desktop or server, by name, along with a "b" for block or "u" for unblock.

The script code, available here, can be copied from and pasted into Notepad, then run as a .vbs file.

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Previously, Microsoft published a set of guidelines and tools for disabling SP2 updating. Last week, it offered advice on how to throttle back SP2 so that Software Update Services servers aren't overwhelmed and enterprise network traffic isn't impacted by clients downloading the massive upgrade.