McAfee Stonesoft Strategy Includes Incident Response

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FireEye has disrupted the network security market, causing McAfee and other vendors to race to build out their portfolios for advanced threat detection, said Joe Luciano, CEO of Access It Group, which partners closely with McAfee for endpoint security and Check Point for network security.  Luciano said he has been watching endpoint and network security vendors come much closer together in recent years.

"Up until now, endpoint and the network never collided because they were totally different worlds fundamentally and philosophically," Luciano said. "It might make it much easier for enterprises to address their IT security requirements by simplifying it to a suite of four or five different products rather than multiple layers of complexity."

The integration of data and workflows for automated response enables McAfee products to immediately shut down malware communications to remote servers and block infected systems from reaching the Internet, said McAfee's Fey. Noticeably absent from McAfee's strategy is the company's ePolicy Orchestrator and its ecosystem of roughly 180 technology partners. When pressed by those in attendance, McAfee executives acknowledged that a complete standardization on McAfee's portfolio would be difficult to nearly impossible for most businesses, and pledged to work with technology partners to create integration points that tie into its new data exchange layer.

The ePO will continue to be a central management console for McAfee, but what was missing was a security incident response center component, said Peter Firstbrook, a research vice president at Gartner. Firstbrook said McAfee's new data exchange layer is a much-needed update to better connect its products. Look for the company to open it up to its technology partners, Firstbook said.

"They are making the case that the reason why you would buy multiple McAfee components now is because integrated components work better together," Firstbook said. "It's been too hard for businesses to piece this all together, and McAfee is saying that this will make the process easier over time."


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