Netskope Adds Channel Program For SaaS Visibility, Control

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Netskope's platform also provides the business value necessary to get buy-in from executive leadership while at the same time adds the ability to set and enforce security policies, Ochs said. The company has analyzed about 3,000 cloud apps, maintaining a Cloud Confidence Index to help subscribers determine the enterprise readiness of apps based on a variety of criteria including the security risks they introduce.

Controls can be set for both public apps, such as and and hybrid and private clouds on Amazon Web Services and OpenStack. Most organizations do not immediately set measures to block them. Instead, most IT teams are figuring out ways to support the most popular cloud services and applying policies and a level of security controls to mitigate risks, said John Wondolowski, CTO of Mill Valley, Calif.-based Chouinard & Myhre, Inc., an early Netskope partner. Rather than just blocking, users of the platform can also set policies to control individual app usage, such as preventing data from being downloaded onto a mobile device or preventing employees from file sharing within certain apps. The optional DLP service enables businesses to set contextual policies against about 400 file types to protect sensitive data from leaving the network. Policies can set controls for both on-premise or remote employees, according to the company. Predefined rules can be set for monitoring of healthcare and credit card data.  

Businesses are typically all at different stages of awareness in terms of understanding the magnitude of cloud application usage in the enterprise, Wondolowski said. Getting visibility and policy-based controls is very appealing to not inhibit the staff from using services, but help figure out how to support them better.

"This is more about tactical IT management," Wondolowski said. "Having the ability to set policies is nice, but the analytics would let me see what my employee base is using and I can either help consolidate those to one trusted cloud app or look at my analytics and figure out why two parallel services are running in two separate business units."

Netskope's technology partners include Okta, Onelogin and Ping Identity for authentication, single sign-on and access control.  Its product pits it directly against Skyhigh Networks, which sells a SaaS discovery, analytics and policy creation platform combined with encryption and DLP capabilities. CipherCloud, CloudPassage and HyTrust, which acquired HighCloud for cloud encryption, are also in the same space.


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