Kaspersky Channel Chief Promoted To Top North America Operations Post

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Doggett said his appointment will should not indicate any significant changes in the company's strategy in North America. Kaspersky Lab still plans to bolster its ties with officials at federal level, and plans are in place to open a Washington, D.C., office in the coming months. The company also will continue to hold summits to foster a dialogue on critical infrastructure protection and threat mitigation approaches for businesses. The company's core message, promoted by co-founder and CEO Eugene Kaspersky, is that Kaspersky Lab has the right approach and technologies to gain visibility into threat information that other organizations don't have to the same degree. The company is also investing in a named account strategy approach to fuel sales growth into larger organizations. 

"We don't have a high concentration of our business in any one country, so we're able to be very independent in terms of our perspective and how we operate our business," Doggett said. "We have been very clear that we have one interest as a company: to protect people worldwide who use the Internet and all forms of their electronic communications to stop malicious code, stop the theft of data and to stop attacks. When we see attacks happen and when we see large-scale examples of cyberespionage happening, we analyze that threat and do a tremendous amount of research on it and publish that immediately to the world."

Kaspersky Lab is trying to make market-share gains on competitors Trend Micro, Intel Security (formerly McAfee) and Symantec. Meanwhile, Sophos is ramping up sales of its endpoint security software by increasing its channel of unified threat management appliance resellers.

Kaspersky Lab partners praise the company's product improvements, including an increased focus on enterprise products, a newly tuned Security for Virtualization product, a certified service provider program and new premium support packages. Meanwhile, partners also have told CRN they are watching for any potential fallout over deteriorating diplomatic ties between the U.S. and Russia over the crisis in the Ukraine.

Sales have not been impacted by the tension between the two countries, said Michael Knight, chief technology officer at Greenville, S.C.-based Encore Technology Group. Partners position Kaspersky Lab as a global company and can point to the security vendor's lengthy track record in detecting threats and uncovering serious attack campaigns, Knight said.  

"The research and development may be Russian-driven but based on people I've met and are currently working with, they are very focused on developing the right products to address customer issues," Knight told CRN.

Knight said Doggett is the right person to spearhead strategic changes within the company's North American operations because he can have a positive impact on revenue growth. Kaspersky Lab needs to make sure that the products and promotions not only fit the customer landscape, but also fit the channel from an implementation and support perspective, Knight said. 

"I think Steve [Orenberg] did a great job getting Kaspersky off the ground but when you look at it from a leadership perspective, Kaspersky needed to change gears and get some things moving," Knight said. "Kaspersky has done a good job of being at a top level from a product capability, but it hasn't always completely married that up to what partners need to deliver and customers are looking for."


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