Symantec Executives Acknowledge Sluggishness, Promise Product Integration

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In his keynote, Brown said Symantec executives are working on creating a broader technology partner ecosystem, including tighter integration with manufacturers of network security appliances.The company announced a new managed security service for advanced threat detection through a partnership with Cisco-Sourcefire, Palo Alto Networks and Check Point Technologies. Symantec is readying a new Advanced Threat Protection offering, which merges endpoint, email and gateway capabilities. It launches in June with a web-based dynamic malware analysis service for suspicious file analysis and an incident response service. 

But some partners and customers said they are growing increasingly tired of promises and strategy talk and want to see results.

Symantec did a lot of acquiring, but did little to capitalize on many of the strong companies it purchased, said Alex Moss, managing partner of Chicago-based Conventus. The company appears to have ignored startups in recent years, Moss said, and as a result it has failed to keep pace with emerging technologies. Companies aren’t only required to innovate, but grow and expand the capabilities of its acquisition to remain competitive, Moss said.

"We need leaders to chart the next course and innovate,” Moss said. "Being operationally efficient only solves part of the story, because if they wanted to grow that business and excel in the spaces they are in, they need to find ways to do it rapidly."

Richard Hunter, a systems architect at a law firm based in Ohio, said he and other companies are being driven to reduce system complexity by standardizing on a core set of technologies from a core set of technology vendors. Hunter, who is focusing on his company's messaging and data archiving, said he's pleased with Symantec, but admits that some businesses continue to maintain a best-of-breed approach.

"What I'm hearing is that the company is moving forward with its strategy and is doing so [at a] much faster pace, and I think that is what customers are looking for,” Hunter said of Symantec. "You've got to keep pace with the rate of technology changes."


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