ThreatTrack Security Rolls Out VIPRE Business Premium 7.0

ThreatTrack Security has released VIPRE Business Premium 7.0, the latest version of the company's business antivirus software now working to protect SMBs.

VIPRE 7.0 includes several new features aimed at simplifying the management of endpoints not connected to the corporate network, automating policy assignment based on device type and enabling quicker, more efficient threat scans.

Stuart Itkin, chief marketing officer at the Reston, Va.-based company, told CRN ThreatTrack has learned from their customers, including those in federal government agencies, how to best protect against an attack.

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’We have a threat intelligence product called ThreatIQ and it really takes the information from, every single day, 10 million endpoints,’ he said. ’We’re getting literally hundreds of thousands of samples everyday to begin to evaluate and treat things like malicious URLs or a link within an email … so, effectively, we can protect them from occurring.’

Itkin noted ThreatTrack is a channel-friendly company that relies on its partners to sell its latest products. Itkin said this new product will be attractive to VARs since it also provides protections including patch management.

’There’s a lot of vulnerabilities which get exploited. Patches exist to plug those gaps,’ he said. ’A lot of organizations simply leave those doors open.’

In a press release, ThreatTrack representatives said VIPRE has been enhanced to provide even stronger defenses across major threat vectors -- including mobile, web and email -- while adding automation and optimization features. New VIPRE features include roaming service, automated policy assignment, rapid scan and enhanced scan customization.

"Malware has become the preferred tool of cybercriminals, and it is behind most of the headline-grabbing data breaches we are regularly reading about," Julian Waits, Sr., ThreatTrack Security president and CEO, said in a press release. "Endpoint security is a fundamental element in any organization's malware defense, and VIPRE defends more than 10 million endpoints around the world every day.’

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Itkin said more and more criminals are working to try to exploit SMBs.

’Small businesses are just easier targets,’ he said. ’They have information that is valuable. If I got into 1,000 small businesses, the value of what I could extract could potentially be huge.’

James Van Loan, sales manager of Golden West Technologies, said as his company’s SMB clients become more aware of security threats through news of large data breaches, they are looking to become more protected. Golden West is based in Rapid City, S.D., and offers VIPRE to their clients. The company is now testing the latest iteration of ThreatTrack’s product in-house before releasing it.

Van Loan said his SMB clients often don’t utilize endpoint security, especially with browser plugins. He said in his experience, VARs and MSPs can meet resistance from customers as they look to back them up.

’It does take a longer period of education,’ he said. ’Unfortunately, some (SMBs) learn the hard way. We try to inform our customers the best we can and generally they kind of, in their minds, feel they haven’t ever had a situation they’ve been concerned about. … When it actually happens, then there’s this large remorse for not taking more of proactive approach to securing their data.’