Symantec Exec: Split Is Underway, And We See Massive Opportunity Ahead For Partners

As Symantec navigates the first major steps in its split in two, the company is preparing its partners for what it sees as a massive opportunity ahead.

"We are going to stay the course with you guys. It's a really exciting time at Symantec as we split the company into two. We think it will provide us a lot of opportunity as we go forward in both businesses," Tricia Atchison, senior director of RTM and channel marketing at NA Symantec said in a presentation Monday at 2015 XChange Solution Provider in Dallas.

Symantec first announced it planned to split in two in October of last year, just days after Hewlett-Packard announced a similar plan. The split will ultimately divide the company into separate security and storage companies.

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In her presentation, Atchison outlined the timeline of the split for partners, starting with an April 1 date for the two to start acting as separate companies. In late April, Veritas, the storage company, brand identity and strategy will be revealed, she said, with a brand campaign launching in October after a period of rebranding. The two companies will be officially legally separated in January of next year, she said. That date is one month after originally predicted when the split was first announced.

Atchison said she believed the split would have big business benefits for the two independent companies.

"We will have the ability to drive focus and growth in each of those businesses. It should also reduce our operational complexity," she said.

Atchison said part of the driving factor behind simplifying and focusing the business is to make it easier for partners to do business with Symantec.

"This split should give us the opportunity to really streamline some of our processes, streamline the organization and make it easier for both [partners] and our customers to do business with us," Atchison said.

However, Atchison said that Symantec and Veritas will continue to work with partners in the same way, and have rolled out tools to help them navigate the transition. She said Symantec is trying its best to be consistent in its messaging and regularly update partners every month on the progress of the split.

"We're not really changing our approach in terms of how we work with you, our partners. We will continue down this path of being a market-led company and working with our partners," Atchison said.

Atchison echoed Symantec Channel Chief Rick Kramer's statements after the news first emerged, that the division wouldn’t affect the investments that partners had made into the company's latest partner program rollout.

"We will stay the course with this program," Atchison said.

For partners looking to stay current with Symantec updates, Atchison recommended signing up for partner communications. She said there are also marketing and sales tools available through PartnerNet, Yellow Books, Playbooks and the Symantec website.

"Most important right now is keeping you guys informed with what's going on with our company during the split," Atchison said.