Vijilan Security Launches With White-Label Managed Security Services Offering For MSPs

A new security company is launching into the North American market Monday with an offering tailored to help managed service providers bring a full suite of white-labeled security services to their clients.

Vijilan Security is an offshoot of Arcon, the largest managed security services provider in Brazil. That background launches it into the U.S. market with more than 15 years of experience in security and intelligence.

Vijilan's flagship offering, called ThreatRespond, is a channel-only service that collects log performance and configuration data from devices within the client network, and sends it to a SIEM in the cloud, where it is then analyzed by security engineers to determine which events need further investigation. From there, the Vijilan engineers will walk MSP partners through what needs to be done to remediate the situation on site.

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For MSPs looking for a less comprehensive solution to augment an established security services practice, Vijilan also offers ThreatDetect and ThreatAnalyze. The service will be priced as a recurring revenue service for partners, billed monthly, with a one- or three-year term per subscriber per customer on a per-device basis.

"The customer is really looking now for the partner to be a provider of these solutions and, in a lot of cases, they have to have a turnkey security service to keep them protected," Gary Mullen, Vijilan Security chief marketing officer, said. "We give them the intelligence and capabilities and infrastructure to be able to do that."

Mullen said the Vijilan launch responds to a gap in the market as many VARs and MSPs are struggling to keep up with security demands because of a lack of resources to build the intelligence and infrastructure solutions customers are asking for themselves.

"I believe that the ability to provide 24/7 eyes on security is a big gap for the service providers out there," Mullen said. "They need the ability to provide this for their customer because their customer base is asking for it. They just can't do it themselves."

"For MSPs, the same problem exists from an intelligence standpoint. They have the infrastructure, they're doing managed services ... what they don't have is the capability to correlate across all the different devices in that customer's network ... to be able to look for targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats. We overlay to their existing infrastructure seamlessly so they can bake this right into their service for customers," he continued.

What sets Vijilan apart from its competition, which mostly comprises vendors that offer product-focused services, is its 100 percent focus on the channel and promise to never sell direct, Mullen said.

"I think the market is ready for this," Mullen said. "There are a lot of players out there who are selling services as part of something else or as part of a product purchase. I have not been able to find anyone out there today that is going to market with a model like we are."

"All of [the competitors] are trying to sell tools, but without intelligence those tools become shelfware, and they're not providing the real intelligence that the customer needs to find and know what to do when these threats happen. That's why we're in the business. It's all about intelligence to know what to look for and what to do when you find it," he continued.

Mullen declined to say how many partners the company was looking to recruit after its Monday launch in North America, but did say that demand, so far, seems to be exceeding expectations.

"I fully expect that we will probably more than double our expectations for this year based on the pent-up demand that I've already seen," Mullen said.

Michael Gavaghen, vice president of sales and marketing at SLPowers, has been using the solution in his Norwalk, Conn.-based business. As the technology landscape shifts to prioritize security, Gavaghen said SLPowers is looking for a way to build more layers of security for its managed services clients, however, developing a 24/7 intelligence service would take a long time.

Gavaghen said SLPowers has rolled out the Vijilan service as a white-label offering under its Guaranteed Networks Secure offering, where clients can choose to add it for 24/7 realtime intrusion alerting and correlations.

"It's one that people like a lot," Gavaghen said. "They understand it. That's really an important thing here."

Gavaghen said SLPowers did a lot of due diligence going into the process and, so far, Vijilan has lived up to its security and partner promises.

"They've been good partners. The proof is in the level of interaction and the amount of responsiveness that they show when we need them to. I've got nothing but positive things to say," Gavaghen said.