HP Launches New Suite Of Security Solutions To Empower Partners With Data And Analytics

It is all about security data and analytics at this year's HP Protect event this week in National Harbor, Md.

The company launched a series of new security solutions in front of more than 1,700 attendees at the enterprise security user conference, all aimed at helping customers and partners leverage the benefits of data and analytics to get ahead of attacks and streamline their security lineup.

"[Analytics] is where partners add a lot of value," Frank Mong, HP Security vice president of solutions, told CRN. "Because of this, partners in our ecosystem can focus on that: help them monitor their environment, analyze what they are seeing and put that to good use."

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To ramp up its security information and event management (SIEM) solution ArcSight with new, stronger analytics capabilities, HP launched ArcSight DNS Malware Analytics, which is intended to provide an enhanced way for organizations to quickly identify infected hosts in the environment that are overlooked by endpoint security solutions by tracking DNS traffic.

At the event, HP also launched Fortify Analytics, a solution built into its Fortify offering to provide deeper insight into software and applications to improve security. The solution uses automated machine learning to dig into the packaged code faster and more effectively than before to reduce the number of audit-review issues, according to the vendor.

"We're building in security analytics and we're really integrating in the Fortify machine learning and user behavior analytics, ... and we've got also now DNS Malware Analytics feeding in. All of that is giving ArcSight a massive view of what's happening not just in the environment but also outside the corporate environment," Mong said.

To help with compliance challenges, HP Atalla IPC Express is a new solution to automate the classification of unstructured information and the subsequent level of data protection. For specified protection of data at the point of payment or POS system, HP rolled out SecureData Payments 4.1 for end-to-end data protection and the option of additional cryptographic capabilities. HP also announced HP SecureMail eDiscovery to help customers with compliance-based email retention policies. The solution uses a GUI interface to remove some of the complexity from the requirements of securely archiving data.

Finally, HP rolled out an integration offering from HP Atalla that brings together the strengths of Adallom's Cloud Access Security protection platform and ArcSight. With this integration, companies can get better intelligence and data security in the cloud, the company said.

For partners, these new solutions give more visibility into what is happening in a customer's environment, resulting in more credibility and a more effective security strategy, Mong said. The new solutions are seen as a great way for a partner to augment their existing security portfolio with new revenue streams and ultimately help clients architect their environments for a more secure future.

"We want to make this very impactful," Mong said. "We want to have the monitoring capabilities, make sure the analytics is actionable and ... empower partners to tell their customer to take action, because the platform is giving them much more clarity."