CRN Exclusive: Dell Security Rolls Out New Identity Manager Platform To Simplify Enterprise Security

Dell is set to introduce Dell One Identity Manager 7.0, an integrated security platform for which partners expect to find big demand among enterprise customers looking for simple ways to secure their operations as they adopt cloud services.

"People have been banging their heads against the wall trying to do something like this ... something that addresses compliance risk as well as operational functionality," said Ron Culler, chief technology officer of Greensboro, N.C.-based Dell partner Secure Designs Inc.

"Now, you can create and control access to data, and it's easier to use," Culler said, especially for customers that have multiple security solutions across several departments and employees that find or create their own workarounds when those solutions aren't meeting their needs. "For enterprises right now, it's all about finding something that fits in with the rest of your back-end tool sets and snaps in pretty quickly," Culler said.

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Dell One Identity Manager 7.0 is a combination of tools, features, updates and integrations designed, Dell says, to respond to feedback from customers. Its goal is to help enterprise customers mitigate risk, bring together security policies, and meet compliance and governance requirements without compromising productivity.

The platform is available directly from Dell and through channel partners. Dell has not yet released pricing information.

The platform includes new software development kits and APIs designed to enable customers and partners to integrate and customize it. It's also designed to be easy to install, update and maintain, Dell says.

The attention and urgency around IT security means partners stand to make good money on platforms like the Dell One Identity Manager 7.0, said Michael Goldstein, president and CEO of Dell partner LAN Infotech of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

"Everybody's looking at security, and you see that a lot of these minor hacks have pointed down to bad password management," Goldstein said. "Well, give us a way to manage that a little better. I think the key to success is simple integration."

Round Rock, Texas-based Dell says the platform allows customers to use a single, consistent identity and access management strategy focused on business needs rather than on the capabilities of their IT departments.

The platform is modular and fits onto customers' traditional identity and access management frameworks, and Dell says a new self-service feature and automated architecture means businesses can reduce the time and expense of identity and access management to a fraction of those of traditional solutions.

Secure Designs' Culler told CRN the platform updates and integration come at the right time.

"The whole identity management market is getting a whole lot of play on the enterprise side," he said. "[Enterprise customers] are getting more comfortable and open to using outside cloud services, and having something to tie it all together is pretty crucial."

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