Keeper Security Launches Channel Program, New Enterprise Mobile Security Platform

After rapidly seeing success in the consumer market, Keeper Security is diving headfirst into the enterprise mobile security market with a new platform and its first channel program.

Keeper Security, based in Chicago, offers multitenant password management and encrypted digital file storage solutions. With the release of Keeper Enterprise 2.0 coming Tuesday, the company expands its portfolio to include security solutions around file sharing, user provisioning, auditing, reporting and delegated administration.

Keeper Security has seen considerable success in the consumer market, with more than 5 million registered users, and has started a grass-roots movement into business, with more than 3,000 accounts signed up. Now, CEO and co-founder Darren Guccione said, the company has turned its sights fully toward the channel, hoping to grow it to account for 99 percent of its overall business.

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"It's the largest area of the company we're investing in," Guccione said. "The way to really build this company is to go indirect, and go through the channel and build a world-class channel partnership with the best of the best."

To back that up, the company has added channel veterans Jim Walsh as executive vice president of sales, Jason Turner as director of channel sales for North America and Lance Mead as senior director of mobile operations.

The partner program, available for partners to sign up starting Tuesday, is tailored for mobile operators and OEMs, security-focused value-added resellers and managed service providers. The program works with a discount structure with non-deal registration margins at 15 percent and registered deals at 35 percent. The company has also signed up two major distributors to work with, but declined to identify them.

For partners, this type of offering solves a security gap in their portfolio, as many enterprise clients are falling short on identity verification and password management, Guccione said.

"It's quite pervasive, because this is a problem that started in the consumer channel and raised its weary head into the enterprise because consumers bring it to their business," Guccione said. "We have to protect the information that's flowing."

Matthew Rush, director of sales at Springfield, Mich.-based 3Eye Technologies, agreed that he sees a gap in securing mobile technologies, particularly as the expansion of hardware, software and applications skyrockets with the growing use of the mobile device.

More important, Rush said, he sees the addition of Keeper Security as a partner as an opportunity to build a more comprehensive mobile security solution to bring to clients. That's a win-win for partners, he said, as it ensures both that revenue opportunities aren't left on the table for partners and that clients get the best mobile security solution set possible.

"As they see the proliferation [of mobile devices], we're looking for more things to add to the stack. This is something that isn't just a me-too product. It complements what we already sell, and it's something customers are asking for and need," Rush said.

"It's a way to just keep in front of them and selling new products into that mobile stack," Rush continued. "From a complementary standpoint, it's really helpful."