Security Startup SafeBreach Launches With Platform To Pinpoint A Company's Weak Spots

How safe is your company from a breach? That’s the question every CISO has but few have the answer to, said SafeBreach CEO Guy Bejerano.

Officially launching into the U.S. market Tuesday with general product availability, startup SafeBreach looks to solve this problem with a platform to quantify an organization’s risk and launch simulated attacks to challenge security controls and pinpoint weak spots in the environment. Similar in principle to penetration testing, SafeBreach differentiates itself by providing continuous, rather than static, visibility into weaknesses, providing actionable insights and visibility across the cloud, endpoint and network, according to Bejerano.

Menlo Park, Calif.-based SafeBreach, founded in 2014 by Bejerano, former CSO of LivePerson, and security researcher Itzik Kotler, already has gained significant industry recognition. That includes $4 million in venture capital funding this summer from Sequoia Capital and Check Point Software Technologies founder Shlomo Kramer, as well as a prestigious invite to compete in this year’s RSA Conference’s Innovation Sandbox for the title of ’Most Innovative Startup.’

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This type of technology is critical as CISOs are at a disadvantage against hackers, lacking actionable data on where they should place investments to better defend their environments. By adding an extra layer of security through a platform such as SafeBreach, Bejerano said CISOs can be more informed and present better information to the executive team.

’It’s like chasing after our tails and it’s an endless game that you cannot win,’ Bejerano said. ’By focusing on the access and the impact it actually makes on operations is much more efficient and allows you to utilize your resources in a way that will be accurate in terms of the attack. Then, when a hacker comes in the future, it will face a system that will already be prepared for it.’

Bejerano said SafeBreach plans to pursue both a direct and channel approach to target enterprise customers. He said the startup already has customers in both the U.S. and globally, but hasn’t yet started to execute on its plans for a partner channel. However, he said he sees significant opportunity to invest in partnerships with both service providers and security companies.

Bejerano said SafeBreach would be an additive sale to partners, driving both a new stream of security revenue as well as pinpointing areas where clients need to invest further.

’The idea is not to change the CISO's environment, but enhance it. By adding SafeBreach they will be able to best utilize their dollars to spend,’ Bejerano said. ’We know we can provide better value for security team.’

Now that the company has officially launched into the market, Bejerano said the key focus for 2016 will be on marketing.

’We have great market traction and we're looking to grow that,’ Bejerano said. ’For so many years it’s been the same. We’re trying to bring a new message to the market.’