CRN Exclusive: BeyondTrust Launches MSP Program And Amazon Marketplace Availability

BeyondTrust expanded its privileged access management solution to MSP partners Wednesday with the launch of a new MSP partner program and Amazon Marketplace availability.

The new BeyondTrust Managed Service Provider Program adds to the company’s existing reseller partner program, opening the door for MSPs to access the same extensive set of services, which include enterprise password vaulting, enterprise session management and recording, secured SSH key management, secured application password management, privileged management for desktops, privileged management for servers, core infrastructure privilege and enterprise vulnerability scanning.

The program also includes training, enablement and marketing for MSP partners, said Vice President of Strategic Alliances Joseph Schramm.

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’It opens up a lot of different conversations we can have with a large range of our customers, as well as extend our reach into new types of partners that are focused on managed services,’ Schramm said.

In particular, by offering these solutions as a service and through the cloud, BeyondTrust is extending previously enterprise-focused solutions to midmarket customers and clients who prefer to buy as-a-service, Morey Haber, vice president of technology, said.

’We’re enabling a whole other side of the channel to solve the same privilege problems that the enterprises have been dealing with,’ Haber said.

Alongside the new MSP partner program, BeyondTrust said its privileged access management solution is now engineered to be multitenant and is now available on the Amazon Marketplace, something Haber said is ’critical’ for MSPs looking to quickly and affordably spin up privileged access management solutions to customers. Haber said BeyondTrust will also be available on Azure and Google Cloud in the beginning of next year. BeyondTrust also allows MSPs to build integrations with their own security operations center tools with an open API layer.

Schramm said BeyondTrust will work with current reseller partners to offer them a flexible pricing model option through the new MSP program. He said he expects the program will also serve as an ’anchor point’ for new MSP partners.

For partners, Schramm said privileged access management has three main value propositions to offer customers: securing unmanaged passwords, locking down unchecked communications and access to systems, and removing admin access. In particular, Schramm said MSP partners who already sell identity and access management solutions will find privileged assess management is a natural as-a-service add-on.

’I think that message will really resonate with the channel,’ BeyondTrust's Schramm said. ’I think a lot of organizations are starting to recognize that privilege is emerging as a really important area.’

One partner looking to take advantage of that opportunity is Simeio Solutions. Darren Calman, vice president of business development, said Simeio has been a partner of BeyondTrust for about a year, deploying the company's offering alongside its identity and access management portfolio. Calman said the new MSP program will be key to giving Simeio the flexibility to deploy the offering in an as-a-service fashion, instead of having to deploy it on the customer’s data center or in its own infrastructure. That flexibility both saves a lot of work for Simeio and makes it easier to manage and price for customers.

’The program that BeyondTrust is launching is helpful for us because now the tools you can offer can be deployed in an as-a-service way,’ Calman said.

’We’re happy to see they have good technology and good people, and this will really help us get to the solution that much faster. I’m excited about it,’ he said.

Calman said launching with Amazon is also important for that flexibility, as it makes it quicker and easier for customers already using AWS to ’flip the switch’ on privileged access management.

’That’s something that advantageous to us as a partner as well,’ Calman said. Going forward, Calman said BeyondTrust should be ’shouting from the rooftops’ with marketing and other initiatives about the new program and subscription offerings for customers, as that will help partners like Simeio get the word out.

The new BeyondTrust Managed Services Provider Program and Amazon Marketplace availability are both available to partners as of Wednesday, the company said.