CRN Exclusive: ReSec Technologies Launches First Channel Program In North America

Launching its enterprise network security solution into the U.S. market earlier this year, ReSec Technologies is now officially launching into the channel, announcing its inaugural partner program in the region.

ReSec Technologies, based in Israel, has an enterprise network security offering that prevents against known threats, zero-days and advanced persistent threats using its Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology, which breaks down content entering the environment and reconstructs it free of any malicious pieces it might contain.

While ReSec launched into the U.S. market around the RSA Conference earlier this year, CEO Dotan Bar Noy said it first wanted to prove itself in the region against competitors like Check Point Software Technologies, Symantec and FireEye before formally approaching partners. Now, he said the company is ready to officially launch its North American Partner Program, naming its inaugural partner, Strong Crypto Innovations.

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’You see more and more people are understanding that there’s something new here and something different,’ Bar Noy said.

The program is designed to be very ’hands on’ with partners, Bar Noy said, including around technical training, joint marketing and procurement. Bar Noy said the company is starting by focusing on partners based on the East Coast, with a particular focus on the government and financial services markets, where the company feels it has a particular value proposition as a stand-alone network security offering or as an add-on to existing big-name vendor solutions.

Alex Fry, president of Luray, Va.-based Strong Crypto, said the company signed on with ReSec as its inaugural partner because it looks to offer a competitive security strategy to its clients, with what it identifies as the ’best-in-breed and best-in-class solutions.’

’I think [the new program is] great. … I think what they’ve shown is that they are willing to empower their partners and go out and demonstrate the solution to our clients,’ Fry said.

Fry said he hopes the launch of the new partner program will help get the word out about ReSec and the value proposition it offers through its CDR technology.

’Clients are tired of promises and technology that doesn’t work as promised. One of the things we decided to do is be the trusted adviser, or part-ime CISO, to the clients that we serve and identify the vendors that fill the gaps in the information security program so we can put together a full-fledged information security program for our clients. ReSec is an important part of that strategy,’ Fry said.

In his own experience, Fry said customers understand the cost savings they can get from the offering, but it often takes education to help them understand the preventative capabilities of the technology and how it can fit into their portfolios.

’I think [this launch] helps getting the word out that this type of solution is available,’ Fry said.

Bar Noy said he hopes to grow ReSec to do most of its business through the channel. He said ReSec is best and developing software and wants to go to market through partners, who specialize in working with customers.

’We don’t want to do direct,’ Bar Noy said.