Fortinet Expands Security Fabric With New Technology Partner Program, SIEM Integrations

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That integrated approach is key in today’s security landscape, Fortinet's Maddison said, as an expanding attack surface and more sophisticated attackers mean a collection of point solutions simply don't cut it anymore. While other major security vendors are starting to take a similar platform approach, Maddison said Fortinet is differentiating itself by being scalable, offering full visibility across the network, endpoint and cloud, a broad appliance reach, and now with third-party integration.

“I’m hearing clear and loud from customers that they are tired of having point solutions. They spend a lot of money and it’s not working. They need a different approach,” Maddison said.  

While other big security vendors have adopted a platform approach to security, Maddison said many of them have built a platform through acquisitions, which he said don’t integrate as well as organically developed technology. While Fortinet has acquired some of its technology, including AccelOps most recently, Maddison said the majority of its technology is organically developed.

“It’s very hard for those big vendors. They talk a good platform, but if you have acquired someone, unless you redevelop that code completely it’s hard to make it part of a unified architecture going forward,” Maddison said. “That’s why we’ve stayed away from big security acquisitions. It will be interesting to see how far everyone gets with this core central strategy and how fast they can develop this architecture. I have a feeling we're ahead in that respect because we’ve built it organically.”

Maddison said Fortinet will be launching joint field marketing activities with partners to get the word out about the Security Fabric and how they can connect in third-party vendors. He said Fortinet will also work to continue selectively adding Fabric-Ready security vendors that make sense. 

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