Dell Begins RSA, AirWatch Integrations With New Portfolio Of Endpoint Data Security And Management Solutions

Dell EMC's vision of security includes a set of solutions that brings together elements of the Dell, RSA, VMware and Mozy portfolios.

The new Dell Endpoint Data Security and Management portfolio, unveiled Wednesday at the Dell EMC World conference in Austin, Texas, is broken down into four pillars: data protection, identity assurance, threat detection and response, and unified endpoint management.

On the data protection front, Dell announced that it was complementing its existing Dell Data Protection and Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise, which includes encryption and other data protection solutions, with Mozy's Enterprise and Pro offerings, which include a range of backup and recovery solutions, as well as cloud data protection.

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Dell also announced it would boost its authentication and threat detection and response capabilities with the RSA portfolio, bringing in offerings around RSA SecurID Access and RSA NetWitness Endpoint, respectively. These additions are key, Vice President of Dell Endpoint Data Security and Management Brett Hansen said, as they bring solutions from a "market leader" in both spaces to augment existing Dell solutions. Hansen said Dell will also continue to partner with Cylance as a complement to the RSA NetWitness offering.

Finally, Dell announced it was bringing VMware AirWatch to fill a gap the company has in its unified endpoint management portfolio around mobile device management (MDM). Hansen said the addition of AirWatch can provide Dell partners and clients with a consolidated solution for the management of all devices, including PCs, tablets and smartphones.

These four categories of solutions, which primarily signify interoperability and a joint go-to-market and sales process at the moment, will lay the foundation for a deeper technical integration between the portfolios in the months to come, Hansen said.

"This is a first step, a very quick first step, to address one of the key areas of endpoint security and it will be a priority for Dell to provide not just PCs but endpoint security solutions for customers," Hansen said.

That is key for both customers and partners, Hansen said, as there is a movement in the market to a "more grounded, moderated approach to how they develop their security ecosystem." A large part of that shift is a move to consolidate vendor solutions, especially around the endpoint, he said.

"There is a strong desire to simplify and focus on a few, key vendors. No one will be able to solve all of your problems, but my goal is to bring together a portfolio that addresses their core security needs and can provide an integrated platform," Hansen said.

Hansen said there is "already work underway" on the technical integration side. He said partners can expect to see joint support available in the first quarter of 2017 and technical integrations to start rolling out in the second half of next year.

"While we think this is a good first step for our customer, we are committed to completing the technical integration where it makes sense so we can offer a full solution going forward," Hansen said.

Dell has been making a lot of changes to its overall security portfolio in recent months, including the addition of RSA and VMware AirWatch, as well as the IPO of its SecureWorks managed security services business and the sale of its Dell Software division, which included its SonicWall network security business.

Dell has said that RSA will continue to operate independently under Dell, with an autonomous brand, independent channel program and separate leadership. Hansen said that will continue, even with the integration of some of the solutions under the Dell portfolio.

"RSA will keep being RSA. AirWatch will keep being AirWatch … We're not changing any of the operations on their side. We're providing this new route to market, which is Dell. As we deliver our portfolio to our customers, we will be delivering it in this cohesive fashion," Hansen said.

While this round of announcements is all about bringing RSA and VMware solutions into the Dell portfolio, Hansen said he predicts "at some point" the company will also be opportunities for RSA and VMware to sell some of the Dell portfolio.

Hansen said this launch is a sign that security remains top of mind at Dell, a focus he said extends to the very top of the organization.

"[CEO] Michael [Dell] and the team are very focused on being able to address customers' core IT requirements. Certainly a company like Dell EMC now has a lot of assets across a variety of different areas, but security is one of those fundamental areas that cuts across everywhere," Hansen said.