CRN Exclusive: SonicWall Names New CEO As It Closes Dell Spinout Deal

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"I think one of the things we can now get back to being standalone is a faster and quicker innovation cycle … I think we will see that category of SonicWall return to the leadership pace of speed and innovation that we used to be at," Conner said.

SonicWall will also be pursuing a 100 percent channel model after the split, a journey the company has been on for the past nine months, Channel Chief Steve Pataky said. On Tuesday, the company officially launched its standalone SecureFirst Partner Program, which it had previously outlined at its Peak 16 event. Pataky said SonicWall is currently working to migrate all of its partners to the new program, respecting their previous achievements with the company.

"It really is exciting trajectory we've been in on with momentum in channel … Differentiation can come, not just through the technology, but also in the go to market with a 100 percent channel company. That differentiation is also how we work with partners and what they know they can expect from SonicWall. I think we will stay focused on that as well through the transition," Pataky said.

Napa Valley Networks' Neely said she is happy to see the focus on the channel and improving of the support network for partners. She said it seems like SonicWall is looking to return to "the way SonicWall used to be" before its sale to Dell in 2012, which she said would be a good thing for partners.

"I'm really excited for him to be leading the SonicWall group. He has outlined a plan that I'm actually really excited about. It looks like they will get back to making the channel partners really important to the business and giving us a lot of tools and resources to be successful," Neely said.

Patrick Sweeney, SonicWall's vice president of marketing and product management, said the investments in technology and go-to-market are all about getting "back to our roots" at SonicWall. With the closing of the deal, Sweeney said SonicWall can put months of preparation for the spinout behind them, and focus on running the business.

"What a difference a year makes. We are poised and ready to launch ourselves and see the benefits of the changes we've made," Sweeney said. 

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