CA Launches New Privileged Access Management, Identity And Access Management Updates At CA World

CA Technologies is boosting its security portfolio, rolling out enhancements to its privileged access management and identity and access management portfolios Wednesday at CA World in Las Vegas.

The new offerings include CA Threat Analytics for PAM, which adds behavioral analytics to its privileged access management offering, as well as new controls to step up authentication, recording or alerting if an anomaly or threat is detected.

While many other vendors are enhancing their privileged access management offerings as the technology gains steam with customers, Nick Nikols, senior vice president of product management, security, said the CA offering will set itself apart by targeting the data collection to the offering itself, rather than taking a more open-ended data collection approach. That will make it "much more meaningful out of the box," he said, as well as add value to existing deployments.

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CA also rolled out the CA Identity Service, which is the New York-based company's first foray into identity-as-a-service. Nikols said the new offering would give CA partners and customers more flexibility in how they deploy identity and access management offerings, whether it be on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid model.

Ed Pascua, senior vice president of strategic alliances and channel at Atlanta-based Simeio Solutions, said the new offerings are all about flexibility as Simeio builds a full set of security solutions for its customers. The new identity-as-a-service offering, for one, will allow Simeio to supplement its own on-premise identity-as-a-service offering, which uses CA technology and includes a full breath of capabilities and services, or offer a more lightweight identity-as-a-service offering for customers who don't want that high-touch of a solution, he said.

Pascua said the updates to the privileged access management offering are also a step in the right direction for CA, saying the addition of analytics is "huge" and will be a "differentiator out there" in an increasingly competitive market. "It just makes the product a lot more competitive," Pascua said.

Nikols said security is one of the core strategy pillars for CA, with a focus on enabling what he called "digital transformations," helping customers navigate through adding security to an agile development process and making them more efficient.

"The whole point of this is to make and help businesses achieve their goals and move forward with their digital transformations in a secure and agile way," Nikols said. "You don’t have to compromise on security if you do it right. You can have security and you can have the agility to transform your business at the same time."

To achieve that, Nikols said CA is following a path that focuses on securing the data itself and who has access to it, rather than taking a network or endpoint security approach. He said that approach, in combination with other vendor offerings, is especially important as it is integrated into a mobile and cloud-focused world.

"This is an enabling capability by bringing security into the process, if you will, and making security a part of every step along the way, rather than trying to deal with this at the perimeter and at the endpoint. That's the nature of what we're doing here," Nikols said.

The CA Threat Analytics for PAM and CA Identity Service offerings are immediately available.