CRN Exclusive: ThreatTrack Security Launches New VIPRE Partner Program, Looks To 'Aggressively' Recruit New Partners

ThreatTrack Security has launched a new partner program for its VIPRE endpoint security solution, the company announced Wednesday, as part of a push to "aggressively" recruit new SMB partners.

The new program reduces the previous program's multi-tiered approach down to a single tier, with 25 percent margins for new business and 25 percent for renewals. Partners get an additional 25 points of margin for deal registration. The margins are significantly higher than the previous program, which had had base discount of 15 percent and an additional 12 points for deal registration.

The new program also includes support materials, lead sharing, assigned account managers, VIPRE partner toolkit, marketing collateral, and more. As partners reach higher revenue requirements, they will receive additional support initiatives, the company said. The company also has an MSP program option under the overall partner program, which is run a little differently around a monthly billing program for customers.

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Chief Revenue Officer Jason Greenwood said the new program is part of a push by ThreatTrack Security to "aggressively" recruit new partners. The company has been moving to embrace more of a channel model over the past few years, moving from 50 percent to around 80 percent today. The company has hired a dedicated partner recruitment team to recruit regional partners and is ramping up marketing efforts, he said.

"We think this is the best approach to reach our target SMB market," Greenwood said. "That's really what's driving the new partner program. We want to add resellers very aggressively."

David Bruyere, president and owner of Margate, Fla.-based MIS Partners, said he has seen it become easier to sell ThreatTrack Security's VIPRE solution over the past few years as it gained strong testing and review markets. He said the new program should help incent partners to sign up new customers and get existing customers to switch the VIPRE platform.

"There hasn't really been that much incentive to get customers to switch … I think with the new program I now have that incentive because it's a good chunk of money if they switch," Bruyere said, adding that he expects to start trying to move more customers over to the platform. "I think that will get more partners on board and get their name out there more."

The push also comes as VIPRE looks to establish a stronger foothold in the competitive endpoint security market. VIPRE is an SMB-focused endpoint protection platform that offers anti-malware solutions for endpoint, mobile and email security.

Director of Worldwide Sales Barry Beckner said the company recognizes that the endpoint security market is incredibly crowded, but said it is going to look to distinguish itself by focusing exclusively on the SMB market, rather than also moving into the enterprise like some of its competitors.

"We are truly an SMB, midmarket endpoint security company. That is now not a focus of all of the competition. We have the simplicity and the product and now the program," Beckner said. Beckner said that is of particular importance as SMBs continue to face the same sophisticated threats as their enterprise peers.

Greenwood said ThreatTrack Security will now focus on rolling out the problem and ramping up marketing efforts to get the word out.

"You will start to see us a lot more. We have been around for a long time … We know we are not the most well-known brand out there … I think we have a plan in place now that we can really go to market and have a great story and have people be excited about it," Greenwood said.