The 2017 Security 100

The CRN Security 100 list is designed to help partners wade through the ever-expanding security market - from the long-standing legacy vendors to the niche players - to take the headache out of finding that perfect puzzle piece for your portfolio.

The security space is tricky and while one company might be top of the pyramid in one facet, it may be nowhere to be found in another.

Therefore, the second-annual Security 100 is taking a look these vendors across five categories:

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25 Coolest Network Security Vendors
Part one of CRN's 2017 Security 100 list looks at network security vendors that offer next-generation firewall, firewall management, cloud, analytics and more.

20 Coolest Endpoint Security Vendors
Part two of CRN's 2017 Security 100 list celebrates the endpoint security vendors that offer technologies closer to the device itself.

20 Coolest SIEM And Threat Detection Vendors
Part three of CRN's 2017 Security 100 list looks at SIEM and security analytics vendors that help companies prioritize alerts and automate security tasks.

20 Coolest Web, Email And Application Security Vendors
Part four of CRN's 2017 Security 100 list looks at companies looking to companies looking to change the game around web, email and application security.

15 Coolest Identity Management And Data Protection Vendors
Part five of CRN's 2017 Security 100 list looks at identity and access management and data protection vendors looking to help companies get peace of mind that their more important data and applications are safe in the event of an attack.