CRN Exclusive: Former Dell Software Unit, One Identity, Launches Standalone Partner Program

One Identity is launching its first partner program as a standalone brand.

The company was sold to Francisco Partners and Elliott Management in November as part of a private equity buyout of Dell Software. One Identity, which offers identity and access management solutions, is a standalone business unit under Quest Software, which had been part of Dell Software.

The new program, called the One Identity Partner Circle, is a global program with four tiers: registered, silver, gold and platinum. The tiers are broken down by revenue requirements. The program also includes MDF, rebates, training, and incentives for "influence fees" which recognizes partners who are not a reseller but still drive business to One Identity with revenue towards their quota cap. The program is largely based on the same framework as the Quest Software Partner Circle program.

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Josh Lewis, director of North American channels and alliances, said the new program is the latest step in a journey that One Identity has been on since its divestiture from Dell and its move towards its own brand. He said One Identity has always worked with partners, but it had been challenging to be part of a larger program under Dell as the company couldn't tailor its program and messaging to meet the types of partners it wants to work with. He said the new program would allow One Identity to focus on more strategic partners.

"We're excited about this," Lewis said. "It's a big shift for us … We have been evolving our business. Identity and access management is very much a team sport and with the kind of large deals we go after, we really have to have the right partners joined at the hip with us."

Lewis said One Identity is looking to "go deep" with a smaller set of strategic partners, as the company's technology requires a high investment in training and certifications. He said One Identity already has a "robust list of partners" and will look to selectively recruit additional partners where it makes sense.

The program builds on a bigger strategy at One Identity to focus on partners for its go to market strategy, Bill Evans, senior director marketing said. He said One Identity has seen a 29 percent year over year growth in partner revenue. As the company's product portfolio grows, Evans said One Identity plans to continue to make investments in partners to maintain its growth rate overall, which is around 17 percent year-over-year in new license growth.

Tim Spires, president of Arlington, Texas-based EST Group, said his business has been partnering with One Identity for nearly five years. Spires said he is excited to see One Identity roll out its new partner program, expecting it will allow his business to sell more of the company's product, which he said is one of his businesses' top products. He highlighted the company's registration and rebate programs, as well as formal training and curriculum as key features of the new program.

"There wasn't a really good partner strategy in place before. It was tough, but we wanted to stick with them because they had such a good product. Now that they have put the partner program in place, I know we will be even more successful with their product than in the past," Spires said.

Spires said it has been particularly encouraging how One Identity sought out feedback from its partners to create the new program. He said that will help the program run smoothly and offer the features that partners need.

Spires said that push will be key as demand for identity and access management solutions from customers continues to rise. He said customers are asking for a "more full-featured solution" around identity and access management. He said One Identity offers a solution with both identity and access management, as well as a security framework for a "one stop shop experience" for the customers.

That's a shift that One Identity executives said they also see. Lewis said customers are undergoing a "digital transformation" by moving to the cloud. He said they are looking for trusted advisor partners to help them make that transition, as well as make it securely. That's a key opportunity for partners, he said.

"[The One Identity Partner Circle] is the next step in the evolution for us," Lewis said. "It's all about providing our partners with the right access to this particular opportunity."