Forcepoint Acquires RedOwl To Add Security Analytics, UEBA Capabilities

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Forcepoint is continuing its acquisition streak as it looks to build out its security platform, announcing on Monday it has completed the acquisition of security analytics company RedOwl.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

RedOwl offers a user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) technology that looks to analyze large amounts of data and human behaviors to pinpoint anomalies and threats. The company won the prestigious RSA Innovation Sandbox startup contest in 2014.

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Forcepoint CEO Matt Moynahan said in an interview with CRN that RedOwl builds on the Austin, Texas-based company's strategy to build a security platform that brings a new approach to the market. That strategy focuses on users instead of traditional indicators of compromise that he said have failed to hold up as mobile, cloud, and other emerging technologies dissolve the traditional security perimeter. Moynahan calls this a "human-centric" approach to security.

Moynahan said Forcepoint ultimately would look to build a "set of technology tightly integrated together in a complete solution to understand behaviors and the people in it." He said RedOwl's UEBA technology is an "important building block" in this strategy.

"We're on a mission here at Forcepoint to really start a new paradigm of security that focuses on understanding human risk and people. This acquisition of RedOwl is a key part of that strategy," Moynahan said.

While there are other UEBA players in the space, Moynahan said RedOwl follows a similar approach to Forcepoint, focusing on the same elements of human risk that it is building its strategy around. He said RedOwl also has military roots, similar to Forcepoint, as well as a team of high-quality data scientists.

Moynahan said Forcepoint already had a partnership integration with RedOwl, so the two technologies will be integrated immediately, with further plans to integrate it deeper into the full set of Forcepoint products. He said a "large part" of the RedOwl team would remain with Forcepoint as part of its Data and Insider Threat Security business.

"This technology will be foundational for us," Moynahan said. "You can almost think of it being on top of everything we do. It will be a layer in every single product we have." He said partners and customers would be able to buy the technology as a standalone product or as part of the Forcepoint platform.

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