CRN Exclusive: Pwnie Express Launches New Partner Program, Appoints Former RSA Exec As Channel Chief

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The launch of the partner program comes as the opportunity around IoT security starts to become real for partners, Lee said. In a recent report, Gartner called out IoT as a factor that will help drive demand for managed security services, with was up 10.5 percent in 2015. The total market for IoT security is expected to grow 24 percent to $840.5 million by 2020. Lee said Pwnie is looking to play a role in that growth for partners, saying the company's solution is a natural add-on to existing solution sets.

"We aren't here to disrupt anything the partner does. We are here to enhance whatever you currently offer … We are an elegant and interesting extension to what you already have," Lee said. "Most of the conversation starts with: this is a way to get out ahead and differentiate yourself ahead of these trends."

For the channel, there are several opportunities in working with customers to secure their IoT devices – and education is the first step.

Bill Frank, vice president of Security Services at INN04, a Boston, Mass.-based solution provider, said that the channel has a big role to play in educating customers on IoT security, as well as helping them identify all the devices on their network.

“When you look at virtually any security or compliance framework the first thing you should be doing is identifying all the device on the network, because you can’t manage them unless you know they’re there,” he said. “This has been a huge problem in terms of IoT security in every organization we’ve worked with.”

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