CRN Exclusive: InteliSecure Launches DLP, Managed Services Offering For Midmarket Customers

Threats to midmarket customers are on the rise, and security solution provider InteliSecure is looking to help them keep pace with a new DLP (data loss prevention) and managed service offering, announced Monday.

InteliSecure, a Greenwood Village, Colo.-based solution provider and managed security services provider that specializes in data protection solutions, launched the new solution at the Mid-Size Enterprise Summit, held in San Antonio, Texas this week.

DLP solutions traditionally target enterprise security customers, given their complexity, customization needs, and price point, InteliSecure CTO Jeremy Wittkop (pictured) said. The new offering takes that technology down market, targeting customers with between 500 and 5,000 seats.

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Wittkop said the new offering takes technology from some of the company's vendor partners, including Symantec and Forcepoint, and uses automation and orchestration to bring the price point for DLP and data classification more consumable for midmarket customers. For example, he said InteliSecure took best practices from its enterprise clients to create an automated set of policies for midmarket customers, reducing initial startup costs. He said InteliSecure also created a client dashboard where midmarket customers can create automated PDF reports of data security status, something that was customized and costly to create for enterprise customers.

The launch comes as more and more midmarket customers are recognizing that they need DLP solutions, either for better security or because of growing regulatory requirements such as PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR, Wittkop said.

"When I look at security, I don’t look at the challenges being isolated to the enterprise … I look at the challenges that our enterprise-class clients are facing [that are] being faced by the midmarket as well. They just have fewer solutions to deal with them," Wittkop said.

"It's almost a requirement now to do business," he said. "What we're finding is that traditionally [DLP] is an enterprise capability, but we're seeing more and more demand from the midmarket specifically… People are asking about data protection in a way they weren't a few years ago." Wittkop estimated that 80 to 85 percent of enterprises employ a DLP solution, with that percentage flipped on its head for midmarket customers today.

CEO Steven Drew said in a statement that InteliSecure is one of few companies to be able to provide this type of solution to customers. He said it takes "tremendous expertise in the critical data protection space" to bring this level of enterprise capabilities to the midmarket at an affordable price point.

’InteliSecure's experience protecting a wide variety of critical data assets for millions of users globally has made this possible. We took a close look at our internal resource utilization data and produced an offering that is uniquely tailored to meeting the needs of midsize enterprises," Drew said in the statement.

Wittkop said the solution provider has already seen significant interest in the solution, with a beta launch starting about a month ago already drawing between 25 and 30 clients to the solution. He said the company will look to launch the managed service directly to clients, or team up with its vendor partners and solution provider peers to offer it to new customers.

The solution is currently generally available, the company said.