Clearswift Updates Exchange Mail Defender

MIMEsweeper for Exchange lets organizations create and enforce content security policies for e-mail on Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, the San Ramon, Ca.-based company said, and is used along with the typical at-the-gateway defenses to stymie the spread of worms and other malicious code. (Clearswift's flagship program, MAILsweeper for SMTP, sits at the gateway, and is accessed by MIMEsweeper.)

One new feature in MIMEsweeper is a module that intercepts all mail on the Exchange server before the messages are delivered, then passes them on to MAILsweeper for content checking against company policies. The result: a single set of policies for enforcing mail security both internally and for messages coming in from the outside world.

Other tools include lockdowns on confidential information and files, so that unauthorized personnel inside the organization can't receive data that they're not supposed to see. Clearswift also pitched this feature as a way to guarantee that such things as personal employee information or salary listings don't get loose.

This story courtesy of TechWeb News

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