Fortinet Welcomes New VPs, Finishes Security Appliance

The Sunnyvale, Calif., vendor also plans to introduce some new faces to the channel, replacing Rick Kagan, former vice president of product marketing and management, with both Adam Stein, vice president of marketing, and Richard Hanke, vice president of product management.

The products, which comprise the FortiGate-5000 family, consist of the two-slot FortiGate-5020, five-slot FortiGate-5050 and 14-slot FortiGate-5140. According to Hanke, the devices provide the same ASIC-powered content scanning as the rest of the FortiGate products, giving solution providers identical functionality for a bigger base of customers.

Ken Xie, Fortinet's CEO, said that the architecture of the devices goes well beyond "deep-packet inspection," which can miss attacks and can sometimes retard availability or performance. "These scalable systems set a new high-water mark for security performance and reliability," he said.

"[Solution providers] can now provide the same integrated security capabilities in systems that span needs from individual telecommuters to carrier-class networks."

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As Hanke explained, the new devices can be populated with FortiGate-5001 blades that provide security functions such as firewall, VPN, antivirus and intrusion prevention, or with FortiGate-5003 blades that provide high-availability clustering.

Channel partners raved about the new tools. Norman Hirsch, president of NH&A, New York, who recently sold a FortiGate-5020 as part of a huge contract with the Florida Department of Health, said the new device essentially sealed the deal.

"Once you pay for the device, you're pretty much there with all of the security functionality on one box," he said. "For large organizations with multiple offices, the [FortiGate] makes it easy to use the same operating system, same training and same technology across the network."

Pricing for the new FortiGate-5000 devices begins at $44,990 and stretches up to $64,990. The FortiGate-5020 and FortiGate-5050 are available to channel partners now.