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5 Hot Cybersecurity Companies At XChange Security 2022

Jay Fitzgerald

From a cyber-insurance broker to a threat intelligence startup, the cybersecurity industry was well represented at XChange Security 2022.

In the end, this piece could easily have been called ‘30 Cool Cybersecurity Companies at XChange Security 2022,’ since there’s always a great story or product to be told about every company, if you dig deep enough.

This is especially true in the booming world of cybersecurity, arguably the hottest and most dynamic tech subsector today, with billions of dollars a year flowing to startup companies and new security companies seemingly being formed every week across the globe.

But the following five firms did garner some attention this past week at XChange Security 2022 in Reston, Va., where they and others touted their products and services to IT service providers from around the country. The two-day conference, which ended on Tuesday, was hosted by The Channel Company, parent company of CRN.

Mostly, the following five firms are relatively small and young, with often intriguing products and/or histories of interest to channel players.

Here’s a brief look at those companies.

* DataStream

* Blackpoint Cyber

* Quickpass Cybersecurity

* Zorus

* Cyberint

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