Remote Access For Less

The products, which comprise the enKoo 3000 series, are priced at less than $4,000 and were built to compete directly with Juniper Networks' SA and RA lines, according to enKoo. The enKoo devices are slated to be available to channel partners by the end of the month.

Ajit Deora, CEO of the Fremont, Calif., company, said the new appliances support remote connectivity for up to 200 users at a time, application-level security and a variety of popular identity-management and other server-level features.

"We've come out with a Mercedes for the price of a Toyota," Deora said. "We're giving our customers and solution providers the functionality of a high-end box for the price of a low-end one."

The product line offers thin-client-type functionality without requiring customers to install or maintain client software of any kind, he said. It also features 128-bit SSL encryption, third-party authentication, and the ability to centrally manage and control user access down to granular levels such as file and application type.

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Other features, available for additional fees, include support for Citrix Systems, integration with LDAP and Microsoft's Active Directory, and access to the Microsoft Terminal Services environment, including Microsoft XP Service Pack 2.

For resellers, these additional features make the enKoo 3000 an attractive sale, said Hillel Sackstein, president of Virtual Graffiti, Irvine, Calif. Sackstein said his customers have been asking him for months for products that incorporate Citrix support. The enKoo 3000, he said, offers him an affordable way to give these customers exactly what they want.

"EnKoo provides every functionality that our customers demand," Sackstein said. "From where we sit, giving our customers exactly what they want is a great way to make money."

Pricing for the enKoo 3000 starts at $3,995 for 25 users--roughly half the price of the Juniper SA and RA lines. EnKoo 3000 customers also can purchase the Citrix Secure Connector or Terminal Services Secure Connector software for $595.