Symantec Bundles PC Imaging, Migration, Retirement Tools

The suite includes Symantec Ghost Corporate Edition, the imaging components of Symantec DeployCenter Library, and Symantec Client Migration. Symantec's pitching the suite as an all-in-one bundle for enterprises which want both centralized disk imaging and PC migration tools in one package.

Ghost and the sector-based imaging pieces of DeployCenter let administrators create an image of a PC or Windows server, then deploy that image to multiple systems simultaneously. The pair can also be used to create a patch task that rolls out a software fix to all systems at once.

Client Migration, meanwhile, gives administrators central control over migrating PC data and desktop settings, or lets them hand over the decision to end-users, who then work with a Web-based interface that steps them through the migration chore from old PC to new.

Once a machine's lived out its lifespan, it can be wiped clean with the suite's included Gdisk tool, which meets U.S. Department of Defense standards for secure data disposal.

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Ghost Solution Suite will ship in late November at a price of $39.20 per seat based on a 10-seat license.