SecureWave Unveils Channel Program

The program, which currently does not have a formal name, was designed for solution providers who build services around the Herndon, Va.-based vendor's SecureWave Sanctuary product suite.

Instead of black-listing threats and forcing customers to constantly update signatures, products in the Sanctuary line incorporate white-listing technology, an elaborate series of access control commands that revolves around a simple, single list of allowed devices and actions.

Bob Johnson, CEO, said the technology makes it easy for solution providers to help customers detect and prevent threats and rogue access points from infecting a network.

"Our Sanctuary product line makes security intrinsic to the computing platform," he said. "Instead of saying we'll stop things here, or we'll block things here, we say, 'Here's what we'll allow. Everything else is denied.'"

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The new channel program breaks solution providers into two tiers: gold and platinum. While all partners receive discounts on maintenance, training and sales, platinum partners receive slightly higher margins on all products.

Participation in the channel program also gives solution providers free access to My Sanctuary, an Extranet that offers online technical support, marketing and sales resources, as well as a powerful online license management solution that enables resellers to generate an evaluation key license for prospects and customers alike.

While Johnson touted these channel management strategies as "revolutionary," channel partners themselves said SecureWave's technology ultimately proved to be the biggest draw. Mike Motta, vice president at Motta Network eXperts, a network and security services provider in Olathe, Kan., said eventually, there'll be so much to blacklist, white-listing will be a better option

"As time marches on and clients get tired of keeping their anti-virus files up to date, SecureWave will be a better solution," said Motta. "Through the education of the end users, I think SecureWave's sales will increase exponentially."