Skybox Takes Security Risk Software To New Heights

The software, called Skybox View 2.0, was designed to help solution providers enable a measurable and predictable risk management program for customers of all sizes. According to CEO Gidi Cohen, it is part of a larger effort on behalf of Palo Alto, Calif.-based Skybox to automate risk assessment, bolster regulatory compliance and improve security across the board.

"There's a huge communication gap between those who protect the network and those who deal with regulators," he said. "This product is designed to provide that translation ability and convert the necessary information into something everyone can understand."

Specifically, the new software improves upon some of the features in the first iteration of Skybox View by enabling customers to classify measure, manage and predict potential network risks and regulatory exposures. The tool also generates reports that enable security and IT operation teams to manage patching and threat remediation, and communicate these actions to colleagues across the enterprise.

In addition, the software interfaces with functions in the vendor's new Worm Defense Management initiative, a feature that boasts worm attack simulation to help customers further manage their security risks. Cohen said that by simulating the propagation behavior of worms, enterprises will be able to understand which vulnerabilities can be exploited and will be guided on how to repair these weaknesses cost-effectively.

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"There is simply no way to know if your network is worm-resilient, and it is impossible and impractical to patch everything to prevent one attack," he said. "This feature provides a better way."

Skybox channel partners agreed. At Vigilar, for instance, a solution provider in Atlanta, CEO Palaniswany Rajan said he was particularly impressed with the comprehensive nature of both Skybox solutions working as one. "When there is a gap after we finish our strategy consulting, we can quantify risks with these tools," he said. "This is a great fit into our entire life cycle of security solutions."

Skybox View 2.0 carries a price of $50,000. The work defender feature is included in that price. Both were expected to be available to channel partners immediately.