3Com To Build Up Security Channel

As a result of the some $430 million deal, first unveiled in mid-December, the intrusion prevention vendor will now be known as TippingPoint, a division of 3Com. TippingPoint CEO Kip McClanahan, will head the division, reporting to 3Com president and CEO Bruce Claflin.

With its expanded product portfolio and new base of about 80 TippingPoint solution providers, 3Com plans to build a new channel of specialized security partners, said Jim Freeze, vice president of global marketing for 3Com, Marlborough, Mass.

On March 1, 3Com plans to unveil the particulars of training and certification requirements interested 3Com partners will need to meet if they wish to handle TippingPoint's security wares, Freeze said.

"Not everyone will qualify. It will be pretty rigorous," he said, noting that 3Com is in the process of finalizing requirement details.

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The TippingPoint channel program will continue to operate as a separate entity under its current channel chief, Steve Chapell, with integration coming over time, Freeze said.

"There often is confusion [following acquisitions] because companies try to push teams together too quickly. I think we're doing a pretty good job of making sure we don't do any damage to what both organizations have in place," Freeze said.

TippingPoint's partners will continue "business as usual" and can sign up immediately to handle 3Com's product portfolio if they choose, he said.

Monday marks what would have been the close of TippingPoint's fourth fiscal quarter. Had it remained an independent company, the vendor would have reported revenue of some $13 million for the quarter and $33 million for the year-to-date, Freeze said.

The sale closed about one month earlier than expected.