St. Bernard Launches E-Mail Security Appliance For SMBs

The M500 uses the company's eGuard anti-spam technology which includes spam profiles that are "human-reviewed" by security experts. "This gives higher performance, higher spam catch rates, and lower false positives than any other technology," said St. Bernard CEO John Jones, "and it has a zero learning curve right out of the box." The ePrism M500 uses Kaspersky Labs anti-virus technology for inbound and outbound mail, and adds in SpamAssassin spam filtering for good measure.

"The product is designed for simple installation and configuration," said Jones, "because we wanted a cost-effective and reliable reliable solution that begins working right away." The result of that strategy is an appliance solution that does not require software installation or intervention with a mail server. The company also sells a lineup larger e-mail security appliances designed for larger enterprise customers.

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