ADT Cyber Security Breaking Down Barriers To Detection And Response For MSPs


Sixty-one percent of security breaches are hitting the midmarket, and 91 percent of malware attacks started with a phishing attack. That means that the traditional ways that IT professionals prevent attacks aren't working, according to Zack Morris, channel director for ADT's Cyber Security unit.

"This gives me the chills; we need to accept we are in a continuous state of compromise, and it’s something our partners and customers don’t want to hear," he said at The Channel Company's Nexgen 2018 conference and expo on Monday.

MSPs don't need a watered-down security product, but many also can't afford an enterprise security solution from some of the leading vendors. ADT has adopted a "hand-in-hand approach" that combines prevention, detection, and incident response.

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"Security analysts have -15 percent unemployment rate so its really hard to hold on to them," Morris said. That's why MSPs need a wide-ranging line card for managed detection response solutions from a trusted provider, he added.

ADT's IQ Platform doesn’t require any hardware or agents, so it’s a very easy sell, Morris said. The solution lets MSPs get more actionable data from their alerts by pulling information from flow data, which can detect anomalies and send that information to the MSP monitoring the customer's environment, or the end customer directly.

Adept Solutions, a Yuba City, Calif.-based solution provider, is in the early stages of the managed security space, and is looking to learn more about the market and customer needs.

MSPs are running up against barriers to the security space, and there hasn't been a lot of resources for partners to learn about solutions, said Chayney Baltero, sales and marketing manager for Adept Solutions.

At the same time, Adept Solutions is trying to encourage customers to think about security before it's too late, she said.

"It's definitely about getting our customers to understand those issue ahead of time," Baltero said.

ADT can provide a robust solution to mid-sized companies that didn't have access to these kinds of security solutions before, at a price that's affordable, Morris said.

"Our goal is to help tear down barriers of entry to help get into areas you want to get into, whether that's expanding footprint or going after enterprise customers," Morris said.