Current Threats

  • Microsoft Says Kama Sutra Overblown
    As users and security firms reported little damage done by the Kama Sutra worm, a manager of Microsoft's antivirus development team warned that overhyping threats could lead to a "cry wolf" syndrome where future alerts aren't taken seriously.
  • Appliance melds firewall, antivirus, router

    Juniper Combines Security, Routing
    Juniper Networks this week is bringing its security and networking capabilities together in its new Secure Services Gateway, a branch-office appliance that combines unified threat management with WAN access routing features.
  • IronPort launches new technology to assess trustworthiness of embedded links

    Beefing Up E-Mail Security
    In an effort to get tougher on spam and phishing attacks, e-mail security vendor IronPort Systems has launched a new capability that enables its appliances to assess the trustworthiness of Web links embedded in e-mails. The vendor&'s new Web Reputation technology, rolled out this month, aims to increase the antispam functionality of its e-mail security appliances and is supported by its SenderBase Network security database.
  • Countdown On For Kama Sutra
    The clock continues to tick toward the anticipated destruction of Microsoft Office documents, Adobe files, and backup archives. Security companies scramble to post their latest research on the Kama Sutra worm.
  • FAQ: How Bad Is Kama Sutra?
    Sometime on Friday computers already infected with the Kama Sutra worm will start writing over important documents, rendering them useless and potentially causing catastrophic damage to consumers and businesses. Here's what you need to know.
  • Nullsoft Fixes Critical Winamp Bug
    Nullsoft late Monday fixed a critical flaw in its flagship Winamp music player that could have allowed attackers to grab control of PCs.
  • 'Extremely Critical' Exploit Hits Winamp
    The popular Winamp music player suffers from a zero-day vulnerability that attackers are already exploiting, a security company warns. A patch is not available.
  • Security Vendors Aim For Standard Spyware Testing
    McAfee, Symantec, Trend Micro, ICSA Labs, and Thompson Cyber Security Labs will collaborate on creating standard spyware testing methods in an attempt to bring some order to a mixed-up security jumble.
  • Cisco Warns Of Vulnerability In VPN Device
    Cisco Systems on Friday released a security advisory about its VPN 3000 Series concentrators, which have a vulnerability that could allow a malicious user to send a crafted HTTP packet that could result in a denial-of-service attack.
  • Vendors, VARs Pushing Secure IM As Necessity
    Hackers and cybercriminals have found a new playground: instant messaging. The worms and viruses they traditionally have unleashed through e-mail now are wiggling their way into enterprises through unsuspecting IM users. The increasing rate at which attackers are using IM to do their dirty work is alarming, solution providers said.
  • Bill Gates' Spam Prediction Misses Target
    Still getting spam? Two years ago, Bill Gates predicted that spam would be a "solved" problem by now, a prognostication that, say most e-mail experts, was overly optimistic.
  • Kama Sutra Worm Flummoxes Experts
    Security vendors can't seem to reach agreement on how badly the Kama Sutra -- just one of the names tagged to the malicious code -- worm is affecting users.
  • Storage Security Holes Put VARs On Guard
    The recent discoveries of security vulnerabilities in data backup software from three of the top vendors has solution providers keeping their eyes open for problems, but has yet to cause concern among their customers.