Current Threats

  • Hackers Tap Bank Web Sites In Unique Phishing Attack
    In a new form of phishing, hackers have cracked the computers hosting the Web sites of three Florida banks, redirecting banking customers to a bogus homepage in order to steal account information and other personal data.
  • Security Firm Releases Patch For Zero-Day IE Flaw
    There's still no patch from Microsoft for a critical security flaw in the Internet Explorer browser, but computer security firm eEye Digital Security has released a temporary patch for the zero-day vulnerability.
  • IE Exploit Strikes, Installs Spyware
    The unpatched CreateTextRange vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer is already being used by at least one Web site to install spyware on users' machines, according to the SANS Institute's Internet Storm Center.
  • Microsoft Warns Of Dangerous IE Exploit
    An exploit for a new zero-day bug in Internet Explorer appeared Thursday, causing security companies to ring alarms and Microsoft to issue a security advisory that promised it would patch the problem.
  • Symantec: SOAs Creating New Security Risks
    The Symantec Global Security Consulting division recently has spent much of its time cautioning its clients about the security risks associated with third-party services.
  • Microsoft Slams Apple's Security System
    Here's a twist: Microsoft's security people are lecturing Apple on how to handle security problems. Microsoft tells Apple to "tackle security issues by getting out ahead of them" and offers other friendly advice.
  • Second Bug In A Week Smacks At IE
    For the second time in two days, Microsoft spotted a zero-day bug in Internet Explorer, but this time the company has promised to patch the problem.
  • Massive Botnet Stealing Banking Info
    A stealthy bot Trojan has been infecting machines via drive-by-downloads and may have infected a million PCs. It aims to pillage personal bank accounts.
  • Visa Warns Software May Store PINs
    The credit card company issues a warning that some point-of-sale software may have incorrectly stored customer information. Some say that could be at the root of a recent debit card data fiasco.
  • McAfee Releases Flawed Patch
    McAfee released a virus signature update in mid-March for its consumer and enterprise security products that mistakenly flagged files—from Microsoft Excel, Adobe Update Manager and several other Windows applications—as untrusted or infected files.
  • Apple Patches Patch
    Days after rolling out a Mac OS X fix, Apple is polishing that patch with another fix. Dubbed a "correction," it targets owners of PowerPC-equipped Macs.
  • New Trojan Ransoms Files, Demands $300
    A Trojan is loose that locks up files and then demands a $300 ransom to return access, several security firms say, but at least two have discovered the password needed to free the files.
  • Coming Soon: Viruses Spread By RFID Tags
    RFID tags, currently being used for just about everything, could soon be deployed to spread computer viruses and attack middleware applications and the databases behind them.