Cybereason: Partners Can See, Stop More Threats With Mock Attacks

Endpoint security vendor Cybereason offers simulated cyber attacks to help its partners better protect their customers, who are “under the gun against these attackers and ultimately going to pay the price.”

As a leader in the endpoint security market, Cybereason can help channel partners better protect their customers against security threats, like election day hacking.

The Boston-based next-generation endpoint security vendor held its fifth simulated cyber attack, Operation Black Out New Hampshire, Feb. 7, identifying possible threats during elections and resolving them with a single click.

“It’s really important for our channel partners because it’s their customers that are going to be on the front lines of this. It’s not going to be law enforcement. Law enforcement is the last defense,” said Danielle Wood, senior director of partner service delivery at Cybereason.

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During the election hacking exercise, Wood told CRN, the main points of attack involved the power grid, self-driving vehicles and even cell sites.

“So when you look at it from a channel perspective, it’s your customers that really are under the gun against these attackers, and they’re the ones who are ultimately going to pay the price one way or another when something like this happens,” she added.

Following the failed Iowa caucus voting app last week, Wood said it was discovered the application had a “significant number of severe security vulnerabilities.”

But with Cybereason, Wood told CRN, partners can be reassured they’ll have an easy-to-use defense platform that will allow you to mitigate security threats before they cause harm, all the while strengthening your existing security portfolio.

Watch CRNtv to hear more from Wood about what you can expect with Cybereason’s Cyber Defense Platform.