Emerging Security Vendors To Know In 2022

Businesses and organizations today are under constant threat of cyberattack. As part of CRN’s Emerging Vendors for 2022, here are 56 security startups, founded in 2016 or after, that solution providers should be aware of.

The New Generation Of Cybersecurity Vendors

Business IT systems face seemingly unrelenting cyberattacks these days, including malware and ransomware, phishing scams, denial of service attacks and data theft. What’s more, the “attack surface” for potential cyberattacks has expanded with the growth of hybrid/multi-cloud computing, the growth of ecommerce platforms, the proliferation of IoT and mobile devices, and the move to remote work.

With so many high-profile security incidents making headlines these days, it’s no surprise that cybersecurity is top-of-mind for many IT managers. And that’s driving demand for cybersecurity solutions from solutions providers and strategic service providers.

The global market for cybersecurity solutions and services is expected to reach $159.8 billion this year, according to the Statista market research firm, and grow at a CAGR of 13.33 percent to $298.7 billion in 2027.

That demand is also driving a wave of IT startups that is providing next-generation security technology to help fight back against the bad guys. Here’s a look at 56 emerging vendors that are developing technologies and products that solution providers can use to build cybersecurity solutions and services for their customers.


Founded: 2019

Top Executive: Anthony Stevens, CEO

6clicks is a next-generation SaaS GRC (governance, risk and compliance) platform, whose primary differentiators are a rich regulatory, cyber risk and compliance Content Marketplace, Hailey AI machine learning for regulatory compliance mapping and control mapping, and multi-tenancy single-pane of glass GRC for complex organizational structures, via a hub and spoke architecture.

6Clicks, based in Melbourne, Australia, launched the 6Clicks Partner Program in August 2021.

AaDya Security

Founded: 2019

Top Executive: Raffaele Mautone, Founder and CEO

AaDya provides AI-powered cybersecurity software solutions for small and medium-sized businesses that provide threat detection and automated remediation, endpoint detection and response, DNS filtering, password management, single sign-on and other capabilities.

The company believes the size of a company (or its budget) shouldn‘t limit its ability to combat cyber threats. The Detroit-based company developed an all-in-one software solution to provide smart, simple, affordable and effective cybersecurity protection.


Founded: 2016

Top Executive: Robert Johnston, Co-Founder and CEO

Adlumin’s managed detection and response platform is the command center for security operations, built for corporate organizations that demand innovative cybersecurity solutions and easy-to-use, comprehensive reporting tools. The Adlumin team has a passion for technology and solving the most challenging problems through the targeted application of data science and compliance integration.

In February Adlumin, headquartered in Washington D.C., launched the Adlumin Advantage MSP partner program.

Antigen Security

Founded: 2020

Top Executive: Steven Legg, CEO

Antigen Security is a digital forensics, incident response and recovery engineering firm helping businesses and service providers prepare for, respond to, and recover from cyber threats. Antigen’s services include incident response and recovery engineering consulting, managed detection and response, cyber insurance readiness assessments, and specialized training for IT teams.

Antigen, based in Flint, Mich., works with MSPs and insurance providers.


Founded: 2017

Top Executive: Dean Sysman, Co-Founder and CEO

Axonius helps customers control complexity by mitigating security threats, navigating risk, automating response actions, and informing business-level strategy. With solutions for cyber asset attack surface management and SaaS management, Axonius integrates with hundreds of data sources to provide a comprehensive asset inventory, uncover gaps, and automatically validate and enforce policies.

In March Axonius, headquartered in New York, raised $200 million in Series E funding at a $2.6 billion valuation.


Founded: 2018

Top Executive: Chris Pierson, Founder and CEO

BlackCloak is a pioneer in digital executive protection. The company’s Concierge Cybersecurity & Privacy platform helps protect enterprises by protecting the online privacy, personal devices, and home networks of company leaders, including the C-Suite, board members and other executives with access to finances, confidential data and proprietary information.

BlackCloak is based in Lake Mary, Fla.


Founded: 2019

Top Executive: Prakash Linga, Co-Founder and CEO

BluBracket protects software supply chains by preventing, finding and fixing risks in source code, developer environments and DevOps pipelines – often a vulnerable target for hackers.

The company’s technology detects code risks, credentials and misconfigurations; prevents the inclusion of secrets, personally identifiable information and other credentials in code; and prioritizes the most critical risks from code.

BluBracket, based in Palo Alto, Calif., raised $12 million in Series A funding in May 2021.

Blue Hexagon

Founded: 2017

Top Executive: Nayeem Islam, Co-Founder and CEO

Blue Hexagon’s deep-learning based network threat protection platform provides runtime cloud threat detection and response capabilities, powered by deep learning AI, for continuous cloud-native security, visibility and compliance for all major cloud platforms.

Blue Hexagon is based in San Francisco.


Founded: 2018

Top Executive: Jim Simpson, CEO

Blumira‘s cloud SIEM with detection and response enables faster resolution of threats to help small and midsize businesses and their MSPs stop ransomware attacks and prevent data breaches.

Blumira’s technology enables customers to automatically block known threats, use playbooks for easy remediation, and contact Blumira‘s security team for guidance.

Simpson, who joined Ann Arbor, Mich.-based Blumira in January 2021 as product vice president, was named CEO in December 2021, taking over from co-founder Steve Fuller who became chief strategy officer.


Founded: 2021

Top Executive: Shaun Gordon, Co-Founder and CEO

BreachQuest’s digital forensics and incident response tools and services, including its Priori Platform, help businesses and organizations battle security threats from ransomware to zero day exploits.

The company’s capabilities include ransomware response services, digital forensics incident response, recovery and remediation, and proactive and managed services.

BreachQuest is headquartered in Dallas.

Cado Security

Founded: 2020

Top Executive: James Campbell, Co-Founder and CEO

Cado Security provides security threat and incident investigation and response capabilities for cloud, container and serverless environments with its Cloud Investigation Platform.

In June Cado Security, based in London, U.K., debuted new cross-cloud support that enables security teams to investigate and respond to incidents across multi-cloud environments, including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.


Founded: 2016

Top Executive: James Mignacca, CEO

Cavelo helps businesses proactively reduce cybersecurity risk and achieve compliance with automated data discovery, classification, and reporting. Its cloud compatible data protection platform continuously scans, identifies, classifies and reports on sensitive data across an organization, simplifying compliance reporting and risk remediation.

Cavelo, based in Waterloo, Ont., launched its first channel partner program in April and hired Kris Shoemaker, previously with Scale Computing, as head of channel sales.

Constella Intelligence

Founded: 2016

Top Executive: Kailash Ambwani, CEO

Constella Intelligence is in the digital risk protection space with its multi-tenant SaaS platform that offers executive protection, brand protection, domain monitoring, and geopolitical and threat intelligence solutions across vertical markets and sectors. The company says its mission is to disrupt cyber-enabled crime at the source.

In March Constella Intelligence, based in Los Altos, Calif., released a new Phishing and Botnet Protection service with real-time breach alerting capabilities.


Founded: 2017

Top Executive: Rob Gurzeev, Co-Founder and CEO

CyCognito provides an external attack surface management platform that delivers a comprehensive solution to quickly prioritize, investigate, and respond to potential security risks.

Several Fortune 500 companies, including Colgate-Palmolive, Tesco and Scientific Games Corporation use CyCognito to autonomously discover, test and contextualize security threats before they happen.

CyCognito of Palo Alto, Calif., raised $100 million in Series C funding in December 2021.

Cynet Security

Founded: 2016

Top Executive: Eyal Gruner, Co-Founder and CEO

The Cynet 360 AutoXDR is an end-to-end, natively automated XDR platform that‘s backed by a 24/7 MDR (managed detection and response) service. It’s easy to use and was purpose-built to enable lean IT security teams to achieve comprehensive and effective protection regardless of their resources, team size or skills.

Cynet is based in New York.


Founded: 2018

Top Executive: Manav Mital, Co-Founder and CEO

Cyral’s data defense platform easily authenticates, authorizes and audits access to database systems in any cloud, providing data security and governance, stateless interception, and identity attribution capabilities.

Cyral, headquartered in Milpitas, Calif., raised $26 million in additional funding in May 2021, bringing its total financing to $41.1 million.


Founded: 2019

Top Executive: Shai Morag, CEO

Ermetic is a comprehensive cloud security platform for AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform that reduces customers‘ attack surface, detects threats, and reduces the blast radius of a breach.

Ermetic automates the continuous detection and assessment of cloud security risks, eliminates blind spots, responds to suspicious behavior, and remediates excess entitlements.

In March Ermetic, with headquarters in Boston and Tel Aviv, Israel, launched the Synergia global channel partner program.


Founded: 2016

Top Executive: Dave Merkel, CEO

Expel provides 24-by-7 managed detection and response for everything from cloud to networks and endpoints.

By understanding and adapting to each customer‘s environment, Expel finds and closes detection gaps. Expel’s automation-forward approach accelerates response and remediation while scaling quality and arms customers with metrics and recommendations.

Expel is based in Herndon, Va.

Galactic Advisors

Founded: 2019

Top Executive: Bruce McCully, CEO

Imagine sending a prospect a link and having a third-party report of their cybersecurity posture back within two business days. Galactic Advisors, based in Nashville, helps MSPs reduce risk and increase profit by providing stress-free third-party security audits and a simple framework to eliminate security holes often found inside MSP-supported environments.

Grip Security

Founded: 2021

Top Executive: Lior Yaari, CEO

Grip’s SaaS security control plane allows companies to discover and control access to every SaaS application used by employees.

In competitive evaluations, Grip discovers five-times more SaaS applications than other solutions. Its visibility extends to dormant, dangling and zombie SaaS applications that are no longer used but still have active logins or company data.

Grip, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, raised $19 million in Series A funding in December 2021.

Hook Security

Founded: 2019

Top Executive: Zachary Eikenberry, Co-Founder and CEO

Hook Security offers a new approach to phishing testing and end-user security awareness training and is dedicated to the channel supporting MSPs, MSSPs, agents and VARs in reaching SMBs and mid-market companies with the latest in psychological security training experiences.

Hook Security is based in Greenville, S.C.


Founded: 2022

Top Executive: Todd Knapp, CEO

Huddle helps partner companies deliver innovative technology and cyber security services to their customers. This includes penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, Microsoft Zero Trust implementations, and much more.

Huddle is headquartered in Pawtucket, R.I.


Founded: 2018

Top Executive: Uri May, Co-Founder and CEO

Hunters SOC platform empowers security teams to automatically identify and respond to incidents that matter across their entire attack surface.

Through built-in detection engineering, data correlation, and automatic investigation, the company’s technology helps security teams mitigate real threats faster and more reliably than SIEM systems, ultimately reducing customers‘ overall security risk.

Hunters, with headquarters in Newton, Mass., and Tel Aviv, Israel, raised $68 million in Series C funding in January.

Immersive Labs

Founded: 2017

Top Executive: James Hadley, CEO

Immersive Labs offers a cyber workforce optimization and cybersecurity training platform that empowers organizations to measure, map to risk, and optimize the human cybersecurity capabilities of their entire workforce. While most vendors focus on augmenting technological countermeasures, Immersive Labs improves human assets.

In June 2021 Immersive Labs raised $75 million in Series C funding. In November 2021 the company, based in Bristol, U.K., and Boston, acquired Snap Labs and its technology for developing cyber simulations.


Founded: 2019

Top Executive: Nick Phelps, CEO

Interrosec offers software and services that provide network security visibility and the data needed to make informed security architecture and incident remediation decisions

Interrosec is based in Pembroke, Mass.


Founded: 2020

Top Executive: Michael Fey, Co-Founder and CEO

Island‘s Enterprise Browser rearchitects the role of the browser in the enterprise and delivers a new approach to cybersecurity by managing and securing the last mile. The company’s technology is designed to tackle the security needs of the modern workplace, serving as the platform for the future of productive and secured work.

Dallas-based Island exited stealth in February and in March said it raised $115 million in a Series B round of funding.


Founded: 2018

Top Executive: Erkang Zheng, CEO

JupiterOne develops a cyber asset management platform that helps enterprises easily map, analyze, and secure complex cloud environments. The technology provides full visibility into IT assets and the relationships between them to uncover threats, close compliance gaps, and prioritize risk.

JupiterOne, headquartered in Morrisville, N.C., achieved a $1 billion valuation in June when it raised $70 million in a Series C funding round.


Founded: 2020

Top Executive: Amit Shaked, Co-Founder and CEO

Laminar develops a multi-cloud data privacy and security platform the company says provides full data observability and data leak detection across an organization’s entire public cloud environment including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Snowflake.

Laminar, with headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel and New York, emerged from stealth in November 2021 with $32 million in Series A funding. The company raised an additional $30 million in June in a round extension.


Founded: 2020

Top Executive: Vladi Sandler, Co-Founder and CEO

Lightspin’s cloud security solution prioritizes and remediates security findings across cloud infrastructure and Kubernetes environments. The company’s system bridges the gap between DevOps and security operations teams by scanning infrastructure-as-code files to find security vulnerabilities and infrastructure misconfigurations before deploying code to production.

Lightspin, with offices in Tel Aviv, Israel, and New York, exited stealth in 2020 and raised $16 million in Series A funding in June 2021.

Lumu Technologies

Founded: 2019

Top Executive: Ricardo Villadiego, Founder and CEO

Lumu Technologies provides cybersecurity compromise assessment capabilities that help organizations discover their compromise level and measure the impact of cybercrime within their networks.

Lumu’s offerings are based on its Continuous Compromise Assessment cybersecurity model.

Headquartered in Miami, Lumu raised $7.5 million in Series A funding in March 2021.

MSP Solutions Group

Founded: 2020

Top Executive: Tim Conkle, CEO

MSP Solution Group’s ID 20/20 software is a verification tool developed to stop social engineering by creating an easy, painless process to verify who‘s on the other end of the line. The process is nearly transparent to the end user. It takes less than a minute on average to protect organizations from social engineering.


Founded: 2021

Top Executive: Giora Engel, Co-Founder and CEO

Neosec develops API security technology that helps organizations protect APIs from abuse and data theft. The company’s cloud-based security platform uses AI, big data and behavioral analytics to reveal API abuse and provide visibility into API blind spots.

Based in Palo Alto, Calif., Neosec emerged from stealth in September 2021 with $20.7 million in Series A funding. The company was named a Gartner Cool Vendor in application security for 2022.


Founded: 2018

Top Executive: Martin Roesch, CEO

Netography delivers security for what the company calls “the atomized network” where applications and data are scattered across a complex environment of multi-cloud, on-premises, and legacy infrastructure – all accessed by increasingly mobile and remote workers.

The company’s technology monitors and detects threats and anomalies in real time, enabling users to defend against attacks and roots out behaviors of intruders that may have eluded other defenses.

Headquartered in Annapolis, Md., Netography raised $45 million in Series A funding in November 2021.


Founded: 2017

Top Executive: Yuen Pin Yeap, CEO

NeuShield protects data from ransomware and other cyberthreats by preventing malware from changing or corrupting data. When malware runs, it can only attack a mirror image of the data. The company’s technology, called “mirror shielding,” allows instant recovery of data from any fully undetectable or zero-day threat without requiring updates.

NeuShield is based in Fremont, Calif.

Noetic Cyber

Founded: 2020

Top Executive: Paul Ayers, Co-Founder and CEO

Noetic develops a continuous cybersecurity asset management and control platform that helps security teams better understand the cyber risks to their environment and optimize their cybersecurity posture.

The startup’s platform builds a map of the relationship between an organization’s IT and security assets and entities, providing context and insights to make faster, more accurate decisions.

Boston-based Noetic Cyber officially launched in July 2021 with $20 million in new Series A funding.

Noname Security

Founded: 2020

Top Executive: Oz Golan, Co-Founder and CEO

Noname Security offers a complete API security platform for protecting IT environments from API security vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and design flaws. The platform protects APIs from attacks in real time with automated detection and response capabilities.

In December 2021, Noname Security, headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., secured $135 million in Series C funding that put its valuation at $1 billion.

Orca Security

Founded: 2019

Top Executive: Avi Shua, Co-Founder and CEO

Orca Security has been among the most visible cybersecurity startups in recent years with its cloud security platform that utilizes sidescanning technology to rapidly detect and prioritize cloud security risks.

The Orca platform performs a broad range of security tasks including vulnerability management, malware detection, cloud attack detection and response, misconfiguration remediation, identity and access management, and sensitive data detection. The company’s “shift left security” capabilities are designed to identify and prevent cloud application security issues earlier in the development cycle.

Orca, based in Portland, Ore., acquired web application security company RapidSec in January. In October 2021 the company announced a $340 million extension of its initial Series C round of $210 in March 2021.

Perimeter 81

Founded: 2018

Top Executive: Amit Bareket, Co-Founder and CEO

Cloud and network security provider Perimeter 81 develops secure, remote networks based on zero trust architecture designed to replace legacy firewall and VPN technology with what the Tel Aviv, Israel-based company calls “secure service edge” capabilities.

Perimeter 81 just closed a $100 million Series C funding round in June.


Founded: 2021

Top Executive: Gil Dabah, Co-Founder and CEO

Piiano’s data privacy vault technology provides developers with the data privacy and security engineering infrastructure they need to safeguard customers’ sensitive data and personally identifiable information, preempt data breaches and comply with privacy regulations.

Piiano, based in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, raised $9 million in seed funding in October 2021.


Founded: 2018

Top Executive: Dhiraj Sharan, Co-Founder and CEO

The Query.AI security investigations control platform helps businesses better address security threats by enabling more efficient cybersecurity investigations and responses across cloud, SaaS and on-premises systems.

In October Query.AI raised $15 million in Series A funding. That same month the Brookings, S.D.-based startup launched its Query.AI Partner Alliance Program.

Quickpass Cybersecurity

Founded: 2018

Top Executive: Mateo Barraza, Co-Founder and CEO

Quickpass says its mission is to help MSPs create hyper-efficient helpdesks while protecting themselves and their customers from cybersecurity threats.

Quickpass, headquartered in North Vancouver, B.C., is focused on offering an MSP-centric approach to Privileged Access Management. The startup’s technology streamlines processes by removing password reset tickets and easily rotates the most important administrative passwords to mitigate risk.

Salt Security

Founded: 2016

Top Executive: Roey Eliyahu, Co-Founder and CEO

The Salt Security API Protection Platform discovers all APIs and their exposed data across an organization’s IT environment, eliminates API vulnerabilities during development, stops cyberattacks, and provides remediation insights for developers.

The Salt platform, based on the company’s API Context Engine architecture, collects API traffic data across an entire application landscape and uses AI, machine learning and a big data engine for discovering APIs and their exposed data.

Salt, headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., raised $140 million in Series D funding in February, putting the company’s valuation at $1.4 billion.

Sevco Security

Founded: 2020

Top Executive: J.J. Guy, Co-Founder and CEO

Sevco Security develops its cloud-native Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management platform for identifying and closing gaps in security tool deployment and coverage, improving incident response, and maintaining compliance with security policies.

Based in Austin, Texas, Sevco launched in June 2021 with $15 million in Series A funding.


Founded: 2016

Top Executive: Hed Kovetz, CEO

Silverfort is a leader in Unified Identity Threat Protection. The company’s technology enables secure authentication and access in a unified manner across all corporate resources, both on-premises and in the cloud, to detect and stop identity-based attacks including account takeover and ransomware propagation.

Based in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, Silverfort has been named a Gartner ‘Cool Vendor.’ The company raised $65 million in Series C funding in April.


Founded: 2021

Top Executive: Peter Prizio, CEO

SnapAttack develops a “purple” threat detection and analysis platform that helps security analysts, CISOs and other cybersecurity managers understand the nature of an attack from both the attacker (red) and defender/threat hunter (blue) point of view.

Using the SnapAttack technology, organizations can develop and scale their security operations through the use of threat intelligence, attack emulation and behavioral analytics.

Based in Washington D.C., SnapAttack raised $8 million in a funding round in November 2021. In June of this year SnapAttack and Mandiant unveiled a plan to integrate Mandiant’s adversary intelligence technology with the SnapAttack adversary emulation and threat detection tools.


Founded: 2020

Top Executive: Scott McCrady, CEO

SolCyber describes itself as the first modern MSSP to deliver a curated stack of enterprise strength security tools and services that are streamlined, accessible and affordable for any organization.

SolCyber says it is disrupting the status quo by providing a new standard of managed security that works to reduce cyber risk, wastage and complexity.

The Dallas-based company launched in July 2021 with $20 million in Series A funding.


Founded: 2019

Top Executive: Yasir Khalid, CEO

StrikeReady offers a SaaS-based platform that empowers security analysts with real-time institutional knowledge and the experiences of security analysts worldwide for better decision-making and response as they combat security threats and transform their SOC to be lean, efficient and mature.

At the core of StrikeReady’s offerings is CARA, an intelligent digital cybersecurity analyst system that helps SOC teams analyze and resolve security threats.

StrikeReady is based in Palo Alto, Calif.

Symbol Security

Founded: 2018

Top Executive: Craig Sandman, Co-Founder and President

Symbol Security‘s SaaS-based phishing simulation and training platform simulates real phishing attacks for users and reinforces learning through interactive training content - dramatically lowering the risks of users falling victim to phishing attacks that cause damaging data breaches.

Symbol Security’s services are entirely resold or referred through the company’s MSP/MSSP and Trusted Advisor channel. In January the company, based in Mountain Lakes, N.J., said it recorded 300 percent revenue growth in 2021. In March Symbol Security launched a new partner portal for strategic partners, MSP resellers and trusted advisors.

Talon Cyber Security

Founded: 2021

Top Executive: Ofer Ben-Noon, Co-Founder and CEO

Talon Cyber Security develops the TalonWork secure browser for hybrid office-remote work environments, designed to provide enterprise-grade security to managed and unmanaged endpoints regardless of location, device type or operating system.

The company’s browser is hardened against zero-day exploits and isolates the work environment from device malware. The software provides visibility and governance over SaaS applications and offers advanced network inspection capabilities.

Talon Cyber Security, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, beat out nine other companies to win the “Most Innovative Startup” award at the RSA Conference in June. The company raised $26 million in seed funding in April 2021.


Founded: 2017

Top Executive: Danny Jenkins, CEO

ThreatLocker improves enterprise-level server and endpoint security by blocking exploits of unknown application vulnerabilities through application whitelisting, ringfencing, storage control, privileged access management and network access control solutions.

In April ThreatLocker, headquartered in Maitland, Fla., raised $100 million in Series C funding that pushed its valuation closer to $1 billion. The company has been adding MSPs to its partner ranks at a rapid clip.


Founded: 2018

Top Executive: Jyoti Bansal, Co-Founder and CEO

Traceable offers the Traceable AI full-lifecycle API security platform that discovers, manages and secures all APIs for cloud-native applications at enterprise scale.

The platform provides visibility into API and application inventory, attack detection and protection capabilities, and API and application security analytics and insights data lake.

Traceable, base in San Francisco, raised $60 million in Series B funding in May.

TXOne Networks

Founded: 2019

Top Executive: Terence Liu, CEO

TXOne Networks offers cybersecurity solutions that ensure the reliability and safety of ICS (industrial control systems) and OT (operational technology) environments through the OT zero trust methodology.

The company works with both leading manufacturers and critical infrastructure operators to create practical approaches to cyber defense that eliminate the security weaknesses prevalent in industrial environments.

Based in Taipei, Taiwan, TXOne Networks raised $12.9 million in a Series A round of financing in August 2021.

Valence Security

Founded: 2021

Top Executive: Yoni Shohet, Co-Founder and CEO

Valence is focused on securing SaaS-to-SaaS supply chains by providing visibility into supply chain integrations, reducing unauthorized access and preventing data loss.

The Valence platform discovers and auto-remediates risks to business-critical SaaS applications and data that result from third-party supply chain integrations. The technology maps and monitors SaaS-to-SaaS supply chains and mitigates risk by extending zero trust to SaaS-to-SaaS connections.

Tel Aviv, Israel-based Valence raised $7 million in a seed round of funding in October 2021.


Founded: 2018

Top Executive: Douglas Murray, CEO

Valtix says it enables organizations with security at the speed of the cloud. Deployable in five minutes, Valtix combines multi-cloud security with cloud-first simplicity and on-demand scale.

Powered by cloud-native architecture, Valtix provides cloud network security that links continuous visibility with advanced security controls. The result: effective, adaptable and agile security.

In February Valix, headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., said it completed its first full fiscal year of the availability of its platform and recorded 60 percent quarter-on-quarter customer growth.


Founded: 2019

Top Executive: Derek Vadala, Co-Founder and CEO

VisibleRisk, a startup developer of cyber risk assessment software, has been acquired by Boston-based BitSight, which is incorporating VisibleRisk’s proprietary, automated, internal data collection technology into its tools used to calculate financial exposure to cyber risk.


Founded: 2020

Top Executive: Assaf Rappaport, Co-Founder and CEO

The Wiz enterprise cloud security platform rapidly scans an organization’s entire cloud environment, prioritizing potential risks and allowing security and development teams to proactively harden cloud systems.

One reason Wiz has attracted so much attention is due to the amount of funding the Tel Aviv, Israel-based company has raised, including $250 million in a Series C funding round in October 2021 that put the company’s valuation at $6 billion – making it at the time the fourth-most-valuable venture-backed cybersecurity company in the world.