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HacWare CEO: Phishing Is Big Business

C.J. Fairfield

‘We’re in the channel, we’re focused on growing and scaling,’ says Tiffany Ricks, CEO of HacWare. “We’re moving fast. We have to wear multiple hats. But the key thing to remember here is all businesses now are technology businesses. All businesses are vulnerable to phishing and other types of attacks. It’s super important to make sure that you‘re thinking about security training as a part of working and trying to protect the businesses that you support.’

A big component to cyber risk is human error, so what are some easy steps partners can take to protect themselves and their customers?

There’s a couple of things that partners can do. The first thing that I always recommend is access control. Partners should be managing who has access to what data and only those users need to know who should have access to this data. If it’s too much information or too much access, let’s remove access to that. With phishing, if a cybercriminal was able to target a user and their access is managed, then they’re only going to get access to this small pool of data versus access to all of the company‘s information.

The other thing is email security. There’s a lot of email security by default, and that is great. There’s also further advanced tools that they can turn on that have certain capabilities to improve their email security, like filtering solutions. And then the key thing, which is where HacWare focuses, is education. Human error, like you said, is the number one cause to phishing. A lot of those solutions that I mentioned before: access management, email security, they do their job, but they’re not 100 percent. Let’s train users. We need to be training users on how to identify phishing attacks and how to avoid them and make it personalized where people have a need to preserve themselves. When you’re talking about phishing let’s relate it to the impacts in what they can lose, and then that would make the training more effective.   

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CJ Fairfield

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