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Here Are 6 Hot Browser Security Startups In 2022

Jay Fitzgerald

Some startups are developing new ‘enterprise browsers,’ which build upon open-source code, while others are adamantly anti-enterprise browsers, saying there’s no need to develop entirely new ones. CRN looks at what six hot startups are doing in the browser security space.

Cybersecurity experts have long known that web browsers, among the most heavily used applications around, often serve as major cyberattack vectors.

Despite numerous attempts to improve browser security over the decades, web-based attacks have been on the rise in recent years—and the pandemic-era increase in remote work has only exacerbated the browser vulnerabilities problem.

Not surprisingly, investors have recently been pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into startups promising safer browsers and safer browsing experiences.

The cybersecurity trend includes some companies, most of them from Israel, developing entirely new “enterprise browsers,” which build upon the open-source Chromium code that today underlies Chrome, Edge, Firefox and other popular browsers.

An enterprise browser, whose icon can sit on an employee’s desktop just like any other browser, allows corporations to effectively customize and control the browsing capabilities of workers, such as limiting access to data and prohibiting certain types of downloads.

Then again, some startups are adamantly anti-enterprise browsers, saying there’s no need to develop entirely new enterprise browsers. Instead, they say, existing browsers just need either technological tweaking or new platform security measuresto improve browsing security.

As part of Cybersecurity Week 2022, CRN recently talked with executives from six startups developing various browser security products. The following is a look at these companies.

* Island

* Talon Cyber Security

* LayerX Security

* Perception Point

* Red Access

* Seraphic Security

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