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Here Are 6 Hot Browser Security Startups In 2022

Jay Fitzgerald

Some startups are developing new ‘enterprise browsers,’ which build upon open-source code, while others are adamantly anti-enterprise browsers, saying there’s no need to develop entirely new ones. CRN looks at what six hot startups are doing in the browser security space.

LayerX Security

How hot is the browser-security market these days? On Oct. 3, Tel Aviv-based LayerX emerged from stealth mode with $7.5 million in seed funding provided by Glilot Capital Partners and Kmehin Ventures, as well as FinSec Innovation Lab by Mastercard, Enel X, Int3, GuideStar and cybersecurity angel investors.

LayerX is the latest startup dedicated to developing safer browsing, but Or Eshed, co-founder and CEO of the 16-employee company, wants to make clear that LayerX is not producing an entirely new enterprise browser.

Instead, the company has developed a “user-first, browser-agnostic security platform so workforces can continue working on their favorite browsers, keeping both performance and experience intact,” as LayerX describes its product.
In an interview with CRN, Eshed said the goal is not to replace Chrome, Edge, Firefox and other browsers. It’s about adding new browsing security capabilities to them.

“Regular browsers are great. They stay compatible with the web. LayerX stays compatible with the browsers.”

The bottom line: CISOs like to customize their browsers and LayerX can provide that customization, Eshed said.

“The risks keep going up,” Eshed said of potential cyberattacks via vulnerable browsers. “It’s a modern problem requiring a modern solution.”

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