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Here Are 6 Hot Browser Security Startups In 2022

Jay Fitzgerald

Some startups are developing new ‘enterprise browsers,’ which build upon open-source code, while others are adamantly anti-enterprise browsers, saying there’s no need to develop entirely new ones. CRN looks at what six hot startups are doing in the browser security space.

Perception Point

Perception Point is another company that believes developing an entirely new browser isn’t necessary.

Perception Point, which earlier this year acquired Tel Aviv, Israel-based Hysolate in a bid to make internet browsing more secure, recently launched Advance Browser Security that, via extensions and agents, provides detection, data loss prevention, governance and VM-based isolation.

“You don’t need to change anything in the way you work as a user or as an organization,” Tal Zamir, CTO of Perception Point, told CRN in an interview.

“You still use the standard Chrome or Edge that you’re using. But we will add all this security goodness of detection, DLP, VM-based isolation to the browser,” Zamir added. “The browser extension will give you all the detection and DLP governance capabilities. And the agent is required to give you the extra VM-based isolation component.”

He said there’s simply no need for Tel Aviv-based Perception Point, founded in 2015, or other companies to try to outdo Google and Microsoft when it comes to developing an entirely new browser.

 “There’s a lot of innovation coming both out of Microsoft and of Google for making their browser the industry standard for business browsers,” he said. “If you go with some other custom [browser], you need to reinvent the wheel and to fight head-to-head with Microsoft and Google.”

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