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Here Are 6 Hot Browser Security Startups In 2022

Jay Fitzgerald

Some startups are developing new ‘enterprise browsers,’ which build upon open-source code, while others are adamantly anti-enterprise browsers, saying there’s no need to develop entirely new ones. CRN looks at what six hot startups are doing in the browser security space.

Seraphic Security

Seraphic Security is another Israeli startup that believes employees should be allowed to keep their current browsers.

But they should be browsers that have been effectively injected with Seraphic’s JavaScript agent in order to improve security, the company said.

In an August press release, the 22-employee Seraphic Security announced it had emerged from stealth mode to unveil what it called a “first-of-its-kind, enterprise-grade browser security and governance solution that works across any browser.”

Ilan Yeshua, co-founder and CEO of Tel Aviv-based Seraphic, told CRN that it’s just not realistic to expect employees to forgo their traditional browsers.

“You can tell [people] to change the browser, but we don’t think that this is the right approach,” said Yeshua.

“The approach is to keep your browser because if you want to keep productivity, you need to make it completely seamless to the user.”

Seraphic’s target customers are large and midmarket companies and cloud-native organizations, said Yeshua.

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