How Cynet Cuts Security Costs By ‘At Least’ 40 Percent For Partners

‘Cybersecurity doesn’t need to be such a nightmare there’s truly better ways to address it,’ says Cynet’s Royi Barnea at XChange August 2022.


Fast-growing cybersecurity standout Cynet is dramatically reducing partners’ operational and security buying costs by consolidating critical security technologies into one platform overflowing with automation.

“We can take your security stack today and reduce both your operational costs and your buying cost by at least to 40 percent or 45 percent of what you have today,” said Royi Barnea, Cynet’s head of channel sales for North America, during a session at XChange August 2022 this week. “We want to make cybersecurity way more automated and stressless. … Cybersecurity doesn’t need to be such a nightmare there’s truly better ways to address it.”

Cynet, who made CRN’s 2022 Emerging Vendors list, dubs itself as the owner of the world’s first end-to-end, natively automated extended detection and response (XDR) platform backed by a 24/7 managed detection and response (MDR) service. The company consolidates several key security technologies into one platform—the Cynet 360 AutoXDR—which includes detection, prevention, correlation, investigation and response across endpoints, users, networks and SaaS applications.

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“Part of your security stack contains 5, 6, 7 or even more security vendors. Each one of them individually are doing an awesome job—but they natively won’t sync, coordinate or talk to each other. This provides you a lack of visibility in real time,” said Barnea.

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Barnea said if a security event does occur, technical teams need to look at many different screens and solutions to understand what’s going on across the board.

“More than that, in order to perform any type of automation and playbooks or remediation actions between different vendors, it’s a challenge technology wise and maybe not even achievable. And this is one of the biggest problems today,” said Barnea. “Malware and ransomware operate very fast. We need automation as part of the first response.”

With Cynet consolidating visibility, telemetry, correlation and automation, the Israel-based company can drastically reduce operational and security investment costs for cybersecurity MSPs.

Security Stacks Too Costly For SMB Customers

Barnea said although many security vendors have great solutions, operational costs add up quickly when you have many different vendor products in a security stack.

“Everyone here is for one purpose: to provide a better security solution, but also make money at the end of the day,” said Barnea, to a crowd of roughly 100 solution providers attending his session at XChange. “When you’re looking at your security stack, one vendor can cost you a lot.”

For example, he said just one vendor endpoint user fees can add up to $12 or more in monthly fees.

“Sometimes if you’re serving small medium accounts and you want a margin a little bit, you’re selling cost becomes very high and not that cheap for small medium accounts,” he said. “We’re here to solve that.”

Chris Phillips, chief customer officer of Plainville, Conn.-based solution provider IT Heath Partners, agreed with Barnea that a security stack can be too costly for many SMB customers.

“Cost-wise, it’s true when you start looking at all the different security offerings that are out there. We’re a SentinelOne and BlackPoint shop, amongst others—and each one has a per machine cost,” said Phillips.

“You start stacking all those costs up, plus standard MSP fees, and all of a sudden, you’re looking at a cost point that a lot of small medium business owners say, ‘Wow, this isn’t competitive,’” said Phillips.

‘Put Your Security In Autopilot’

Cynet 360 AutoXRD is purpose-built for lean IT security teams who are often resource-drained, blinded and exposed, Barnea said.

Cynet offers everything from endpoint detection and response (ERD), alert handling and incident response, to threat hunting, user behavior analytics (UBA) and security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR),

As an automation-first security company, Cynet aims to put day-to-day manual security operations on autopilot to reduce stress and allow partners to focus on managing security instead of operating it.

“We’re telling you to put your security in autopilot. What it means is, we’re not here to replace you. We still need you and your technical team. But the same as an airplane, autopilot is basically the tools that helps the pilot to make his job easier with a lot of automation to reach their destination as fast and safe as possible,” said Barnea. “That’s our mutual goal for each and every one of you.”

IT Heath Partners’ Phillips said he was “very interested” in Cynet after its session at XChange.

“So the pricing is one thing, and if its as truly easy as putting it on autopilot—that’d be a fantastic thing to be able to do,” said Phillips. “It’ll give more time for my staff members to do other things besides looking at multiple dashboards.”

Cynet Partner Program And 100 Percent Channel Dedication

The Cynet Partner Program aims to help partners achieve higher margins compared to other cybersecurity vendors, while also offers e-learning and certification courses to help partners cater to multiple use cases and security needs for customers.

“We’re 100 percent channel, nothing is direct,” said Cynet’s Barnea.

The company works with partners to developer joint go-to-market plans and provide marketing development funds based on individual needs.

Additionally, Cynet offers a Pink Points Program that provides partner sales and engineering teams profitability at every step in the sales cycle. “It enables you, your sales team, your engineering team, to gain money by working with us throughout the entire sales cycle of each opportunity—from deal registration to POCs you’re doing with us, and more when closing the deal,” he said.

In terms of its channel dedication in the case of a customer security event, Cynet will work hand-in-hand with a partner until the problem is completely resolved.

“We’ll see it fixed by working with you and your team,” said Barnea. “Basically, we won’t leave you until, together, we resolve everything.”