Judy Security Adding MSPs For Its ‘All-In-One’ SMB Security Platform

The Judy Security platform is an ideal fit for SMBs that need to meet requirements from cyber insurance and their own customers, one MSP CEO told CRN.


Judy Security, which offers a unified cybersecurity platform for small and medium-sized businesses, is looking to add MSPs to its partner ranks as the company seeks to expand in the underserved SMB market, an executive said.

The company currently has 70 partners and is aiming to reach 100 within the next 12 months, said Tim Hankins, senior vice president of growth at Judy Security, in an interview with CRN.

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With a focus on serving businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees, Judy Security offers an “all-in-one” platform with the essential cybersecurity capabilities most SMBs need in order to be protected, Hankins said.

At Goliath Cyber Security Group, a provider of advisory and managed security services based in Estero, Fla., Judy Security has become a key vendor since the companies began their partnership a year ago, according to Dave Ackley, founder and CEO of Goliath.

A McAfee and Intel Security veteran, Ackley said it’s clear that SMBs are “underserved by other vendors” in the cybersecurity space.

“All these enterprise companies and products say they work with the SMB — I call BS,” he told CRN. “The second that a large company comes knocking at their door, the SMB is pushed aside. New features are put in. And the SMB can’t afford it anymore.”

By contrast, Judy Security fully plans to remain focused on SMBs going forward, according to Hankins. “We will never be an enterprise sales company,” he said.

The Judy Security essentials platform brings together endpoint protection with secure authentication—multifactor authentication and single sign-on—and URL filtering.

Along with offering improved protection, the platform enables consolidation of a number of existing security tools and vendors onto a unified, affordably priced platform, Hankins said.

This is unlike most security tools for SMBs, where typically “they’ve got to stitch together solutions and make the best of it,” he said.

For Goliath Cyber Security Group, customers with between 20 and 400 employees are currently using the Judy Security platform. The vendor’s “all-in-one solution” approach is resonating strongly with customers, Ackley said. Most SMBs “can’t go out and source five different vendors,” he said.

Increasingly, though, having a variety of security capabilities is no longer optional for many SMBs. Even the smallest businesses are now faced with a need to meet higher cybersecurity requirements in order to acquire cyber insurance and meet expectations from their own customers, Ackley noted.

For SMBs working with Goliath, however, “we put Judy in place and we cover their requirements at a very low cost,” he said.

Launched in 2019, Judy Security’s founder and CEO is Raffaele Mautone, formerly an 11-year veteran of McAfee who later held executive roles at FireEye and Duo Security.

The Detroit-based company—originally named AaDya Security—has raised just under $10 million in total funding to date, Hankins said. Most recently, Judy Security announced a $5 million Series A round led by Left Lane Capital in April.