Nominet Exec On Why North America ‘Represents A Huge Opportunity’

Nominet, a cybersecurity vendor, is expanding its cybersecurity portfolio to North American partners, including a Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution.

Nominet Cyber Solutions executive David Polton says that his firm, historically a domain name registry in the U.K., is ready to conquer the North American market.

“North America represents a huge opportunity for us,” said David Polton, vice president of solutions at Nominet. “We’ve had some great success in other parts of the globe… [and] I think it’s a fantastic opportunity to help enable some of the organizations, really benefit, from the solution Nominet can offer.”

The company last November decided to expand its cybersecurity portfolio to North America.

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Polton told CRN, “We have a fantastic solution [that leverages] our heritage in Domain Name System (DNS) in order to deliver a fantastic Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution, which really does compete against the traditional way of providing an NDR solution and enabling partners to provide value to their organizations quicker than ever been possible.”

As far as where partners can make money in 2020, Polton said partners should get involved with their partner program, Velocity.

“Our Velocity program really does reward the correct behaviors… in the fact that we would incentivize people to become the top-tier partner and make sure we support them throughout the way, so that we can all be successful.”

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